As an irony of what is happening now in Ukraine and especially the Crimea peninsula , a Ukrainian scientist announced the discovery of the oldest pyramids in the world , just across Crimea , which states that it was built in the late Jurassic period ( now 201, 3- 145 mil. years ) .
As ICTV TV channel reports , the discovery was made accidentally by a scientist Vitaly Anatolevici Goh , while he (along with his research team ) aimed to find water sources through alternative methods . The lack of pure water , drinking seems to be a thorny issue in the Crimea . He discovered a gigantic pyramid buried in the soil , whose height is 45 meters and the side length of  72 meters . Goh says that the pyramid was built in the same period of the existence of dinosaurs on Earth.
Crimea is truncated pyramid, like the Mayan pyramids , but more like the Egyptian pyramids . Inside it is 
empty, but under her foundation discovered a mummy belonging to beings of unknown origin. Goh says : "Under the foundation of the pyramid I discovered a mummy of a being small , measuring 1.3-1.4 meters with a crown on his head. There is also a resonance chamber of a so- called Sphinx . ''
Naturally, it is not known who built the pyramid . Its tip is 9 feet below ground surface. Excavation which was started only by force of arms began to appear various strange incidents that initially prevented penetration inside the pyramid beyond 38 meters depth . Consequently , the bottom has not been reached. It was found , however, that the pyramid was built in the proportions of the golden section ( 1 : 1.6 ) .
The research group led by Vitali Goh soon began to search the neighborhood and the like pyramids . They found a further 6 underground construction , which proved to be arranged in a certain order . The first pyramid is based on the sea near Foros ; the second is located in the Balaklava , and the third is near the head Fiolent ; the fourth pyramid is near Sevastopol station - Tovarniy, fifth is just the initially discovered , which was described above, and which is placed near the highway Kamishovoe . There are two other pyramids at a certain distance from these locations , on land left .

Thus, between Sevastopol and Foros seven pyramids have been discovered . In the summer of 2001 , the Crimean pyramids were investigated by several scholars worldwide. By investigating superior technical means were found 37 other such constructions . 28 of them form a huge diamond in the middle of which is a 56 feet high pyramid .

Mysteries about these pyramids are still numerous, but some conclusions are clear and recognized by all scholars: These buildings were made of a very advanced civilization and technological goals they served some very intense energy transmission. Energy levels within them is extremely high. However, the media still lay in awkward silence on discoveries of this kind, which have the power to throw off the whole "history'' of humanity and our planet as we were given it by modern science ...

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