Electric man

In the late 1970s two British brothers, Lawrence and Lorne Blair, reporters at the famous magazine "National Geographic", have traveled all over Indonesia in search of Buddhist mystics, to collect the necessary material to a series commissioned by television channel "Discovery". While most people interviewed were as Lawrence says, "either fire swallowers, hypnotists, fakirs or charlatans", there were a few guys trustworthy. But none was more credible than an Indonesian puzzling that two brothers named him Jack Dynamo.

The man was a popular healer and learned traditional Chinese medicine, with which was miraculous healings. Master the techniques of acupuncture, he was a very special appropriation to pass through those needles stuck into the skin and a powerful current "electric", produced by energy coming from inside his body. Interviewed by two Englishmen, he said supposedly learned this from his master, Liao Tsu-Tong, a Taoist monk who lived in the forest and initiated for seven years science activation energy centers of the body.

Liao Tsu-Tong taught him the MoPai Tradition, the esoteric nei kung (internal energy) school of Mo Tzu. Qi gong is a mixture of traditional Chinese medicine, martial arts, and philosophy that develops human potential and awakens one spiritually to one's true nature. Qi (or Chi as you may have heard it called) is life force or energy flowing in all living things according to traditional Chinese culture.
The idea has a lot of parallels in other cultures such as prana (India), Aristotle's "Energeia", French
philosopher Henri Bergson's "Ãlan vital" and the ancient doctrine of "Vitalism".
Qi Gong teaches as to harness and controls our own Qi and that gives as certain abilities.

Dynamo Jack came into public view when he appeared in "Ring of Fire: An Indonesian Odyssey", a documentary filmed by two brothers Lorne Blair and Lawrence Blair.
The documentary itself (actually it was a series of five documentary films) was very popular and was nominated for an Emmy.
The documentary was about the Indonesian archipelago and Dynamo Jack just happened to be in a segment called "East of Krakatoa".

Invisible fluid

In one of the interviews with him, Lawrence plays his words Dynamo Jack: "I use needles for acupuncture sometimes, but usually, I serve only the hands, which are magnetic passes from a distance. Look, I will show you". Just then Jack got up, opened his belt and laid his hand on his abdomen Lawrence, a few centimeters above the navel, asking him to try to keep his hand there. At first, the Englishman remained perplexed before this entreaty at least funny, but in a very short time, the ironic smile faded from his lips because he had to press his hand with all his might to keep it on his body, Jack. Palma was pushed with great force his next body healer of what appeared to be "incredible force", a jet of energy that flowed like a strong current of water. Moments later, Jack breathed and Lawrence was to lose balance when his hand slid over his stomach. "It is one of the two chakras they use to generate energy," said Jack, clutching his belt. Then he extends his hand, saying, "Here is another chakra". Lawrence touches Jack's open palm. Indonesian breathing and the Englishman feels so powerful electrical discharge that screams of pain and suddenly withdraws his hand.

Then, Dynamo Jack asked his assistant, a young man named Mohan, bring stool wooden chopsticks and a package us. He then urged Lawrence to break through wood stool, 2-3 cm thick, with a stick. Lawrence tried several times but failed to leave the slightest trace on the stool. "Not so," said Jack, grasping stick with your fingertips, put him through a fast-moving vertically through the wood stools, piercing it. "It's very simple, you just need a little practice." Lawrence looked at the hole to stick to find clues that will allow him to understand what Jack had done. The borehole was rectangular, like a stick, and perfectly clean, without a scratch around.

Jack explained his energy source. "All men have this polarity Yin-Yang, which unfortunately do not know how to use it. I learned to activate it. I'm working with these two chakras. One is positive and the other negative. One comes out of the ground and the other descends from heaven . You just have to learn to harmonize them, so you can project outside the body. And this is acquired through discipline and meditation. Focusing the mind has enormous power. I basically do this for 17 years, meditating every day. It must, however, be careful when emotions such as anger, for example, which can be very dangerous. The power of concentration should only be used for good. She can heal, but to kill. Mohan, my apprentice, practicing four years Taoism, told me that if you feel one day that can kill the chakras give up. In any case, what wakes you by harmonizing yin-yang is amazing, much more interesting than impress those around you. "

At that lights the fire

In the months that followed, the brothers Blair met him several times Dynamo Jack. They accompanied him on his travels, heals people watching him and how strange exercises its powers. In such a journey, the British have invited the mother to accompany them to exist the third point of view, objective. Meeting Mrs. Blair with Jack took a room on the 9th floor of a luxury hotel in Jakarta. "It's hard to activate my energy, being so far from earth," said Jack. "You must be in contact with him." However, it achieved a staggering experiment: take a newspaper to limp, kept his left hand, turned his hand to him and burned. Lawrence recalls: "Suddenly, the room started to smell burnt and I found myself running after burning pieces of paper flying through the air, trying to go out, to avoid damaging the carpet".

It was filmed and put into the documentary, but unfortunately, Dynamo Jack didn't know that the film would be distributed publicly and was angered when he found out.
The crew begged him to let them come back and film more of his abilities, but he refused.
Seven years later he contacted the crew and agreed to be filmed and even allowed them to bring three scientists with them, Catherine Nixon Cooke, former CEO and currently one of the Trustees of the Mind Science Foundation, Dr. Roger Nilson and Dr. Gregory Simpson, a physicist from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.
Allegedly these films show John Chang (his real name) displaying healing, telekinesis, and pyrokinesis.

Unfortunately, Dynamo Jack Keep filmed. "I am a healer. If Westerners will see me on film, they'll consider me an illusionist or a charlatan." The brothers knew that he was right, but has yet to bring home some filmed evidence about what they had seen. Even when you board the plane for London, they were immobilized in Jakarta, due to eye disease he had one. They decided to go to Dynamo Jack to help them. Not only
Indonesian eye healed sick immediately but suddenly agreed to be filmed "as a souvenir for days spent together," as said. And although said he is exhausted after the healings that he had done that day, however, he began to ignite newspapers, stools with chopsticks to break through and send thunder under the bewildered eyes of the crew. At one time even managed to stop the bullet fired from a gun just holding his hand on the muzzle after previously a bullet   makes a hole above a soda.
When asked why he still accepted to be filmed after years of reluctance, Jack said that a group of students who had asked to reveal some of the mysteries of and it's time to show the world his powers, which may be developed by anyone. "If people think it is a simple trick, they do not want to recognize that we all have some phenomenal power hidden within us."

The opinion of skeptics is that perhaps he doesn't have anything material to gain, but some people do create hoaxes just to do it. Sometimes well-intentioned spiritual people will fake things to inspire others...you never know. I think we all have seen enough weird stuff in our life, to know that reality is quite bendable, so keep an open mind and both hands on your wallet.

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