Stunning Carlos Diaz UFO case

Although there are an impressive number of testimonies about UFO encounters, in terms of meeting grade IV cases that can be considered are very few. That's because although there are a significant number of reports of such cases, subsequent research conducted by experts showed that most of them are either fabrications or forgeries that can not be discussed in depth. In very few of these cases, researchers have not found evidence to bring to the surface was bad intent of those who reported that story or mental instability or even an uncontrolled desire for glory, fame or publicity. Are very special cases where all research conducted over several decades, they could find nothing to weaken the account of direct witnesses. One such case is narrated by Carlos Diaz.

Carlos Diaz was a photographer who was hired by a magazine to conduct a series of sunrise materials in a national park area near Mexico City. One cold morning in January 1981 Carlos set up a meeting with one of his colleagues in the local media to support them in achieving those materials. The meeting was to take place in a parking lot next to the national park Ajusco comprising a forest of pine and oak trees at a height of about 3900 meters.

It is not yet dawn. While waiting in the car, suddenly, his attention was caught by a yellow glow coming from the valley located a few hundred meters below him. For a moment, it was feared could be a forest fire. To the location where he is there is only one road that ran right through the area where the light was coming bizarre consequently a fire would only be cut way back. He got out of the car quickly to analyze the situation and decide whether to tarry or must leave immediately.

He stared for several minutes by the bright light when suddenly began to move. It has moved about 50 meters to the right then began to slowly climb to the parking lot where his car was Carlos. Emotion hardened man could not outline any gesture. He could not believe his eyes what he saw. For a moment I flashed through his mind that he fell asleep in the car and that what he sees is the result of his dream.

It lies at the edge of that valley slope. The object continues to rise and he could not move. With an effort of concentrating all the energy of who had tried to leave by car. But his legs no longer listening. It prevented that delineate parking curb and pain caused by hard contact with the cold and rough pavement, made him understand that there's no dream.

While off the ground saw the object hovering above the ravine, a few dozen meters behind him. He started precipitated by car. When he reached the car object was fixed at 30 meters above his car, remaining motionless. It was large, oval orange and emitting a warm and uniform light covering the entire parking lot.

Shocked by what was happening under his eyes, Diaz seized the camera and, supported by the wheel, began to capture an image after another. Suddenly, without warning, his car began to shake violently. Diaz then emerged from the vehicle and managed to make good still two pictures before the ship spurting vertical and disappear into the sky, leaving Diaz in a state of shock.

Diaz barely managed to calm down and breath that among the pines began to appear his colleague car headlights. Once out of the car he was quick to tell Carlos that while climbing the road to parking that got to see a huge light that rose into the sky. His driver also confirmed those reported by his colleague. But Carlos has not needed any confirmation.

In the days that followed this observation, Diaz remained haunted by what happened. Unable to forget what he had seen, he returned repeatedly to the place of Ajusco Park, hoping to revisit the subject and also achieve other photos. March 23 - he says - her patience was rewarded.
While walking through the brush, he saw, again, an orange glow, slipping vaguely through mist and rain as if the whole forest filled. He climbed the walls of a valley, up to a point where it managed to reach the 45 meters of the object. Above, his "ship" floating, emitting a bright orange light. The ship - said Diaz – had a dome-shaped, and its center was a smooth ring covered with a number of hemispheres, each about one meter in diameter. Crouched behind some stones, the photographer was convinced that his actions went unnoticed, but while watching the ship, he felt someone grab him from behind shoulder.

From that moment not knowing what happened. When he returned, it was dark and the UFO disappeared. He was shocked to discover that, despite the intense rain, his clothes were completely dry. It was understood that something unusual happened to him. When he returned to his car, Diaz noticed another car parked alongside.
A humanoid entity, with blond hair, was close to him and said that if he wanted to know more about what's happened, come back in the same place the next day at noon. If one is to believe the story of the photographer, the next day, the same entity explained that the previous day he had been the one who grabbed his shoulder, it came up with the ship and that Diaz will remember and only with time that it happened afterward.

Indeed, in the coming months - as he says - they returned gradually fragmented, lost memories of that day. He remembered the ship went down, floated up near his head. He tried to touch her but stretched his hand went through the yellow light, seeming to merge with it.
The next thing he remembered was that he saw the ship, or an identical one, parked on a platform in a variety of giant cave. "It was full of stalagmites, some of which were shaped like Mayan sculptures," he said. "I saw many people in the cave, some of whom waved their hands towards me. In a state of shock, I answered myself with the same gesture." Apparently, being that Diaz had met in the forest then led him into another cave, below. There were seven globes large, bright, egg-shaped. Diaz was invited to join one of them.

At first spotted around or just a light yellow; But then he saw the image surrounded by a forest. "I could see all the details of the forest as if I would have walked through it," said Diaz. "I could not touch anything, but I could feel the temperature and humidity. I could see and experience everything, but I was not physically there from ". Guide him or globes were explained as a system for storing information and that he had just taken some contact with stored data. Diaz returned to the ship and then, after a while, was seen in the park.

According to Diaz, this was only the first of a series of contacts with the same beings. He says that, along with "alien" who was in contact with, has made other "trips" inside those balls in different regions of the Earth: forest, desert, jungle, shore, even Arctic areas.

When his case became known by well known Mexican television presenter Jaime Maussan, a door opened into scientific investigation and also an extensive and thorough questioning of the case. Jaime arranged for Professor Victor Quesada at the Polytechnical Institute of the University of Mexico to analyze the transparencies. The University concluded no fake of any kind.  The photographs were analyzed by Dr. Robert Nathan at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. Nathan, a notorious UFO skeptic, said he could not find any evidence that it would be a fake.

The incredibly impressive video was obtained after Jaime told Carlos that he could do no more with the still photographs but if he was able to obtain movie footage, he would stay engaged in his case.  Jaime Maussan gave Carlos a video camera and left it with him.
Impressed Maussan and offered Carlos Diaz a video camera, asking him to try to record the next UFO appearance. A few weeks later, Diaz managed to film the object at 5 am, just above his house. Two months later, Diaz filmed ship, floating without moving, even above his head.
To his amazement, Carlos phoned to say he had filmed the UFO - what he had on film was amazing.
A third attempt to capture Diaz's UFO on video is the most spectacular. Diaz has installed a camera on a tripod, after which he departed, waving a lit torch. The ship was suddenly materialized just above his head, sending beams of light down toward him. Then, the object remained motionless for 30 seconds, after which, in a moment disappeared. It said that this video could contain some of the best UFO pictures ever taken.

If this was a fake then it was a dammed impressive one.  The video showed the object, just as it had been seen on the 35mm still photos but the video camera zoomed in to see a dark grey membrane pulsing in the heart of the object.  It looked for all the world as if this object was a living creature of kinds.  It looked somewhat a jellyfish with a beating heart, visible through the bright yellow and red segments of the body of the object.

Maussan gave for examination, the original photographs UFO made by Diaz, the Polytechnic Institute of the University of Mexico, specifically to Professor Victor Quesada, who said: "I was shocked to discover that the spectrum of light from the object was unlike any I have ever seen ; He did not correspond to anything we had in our database. The light was also extraordinarily intense.
I found no evidence of overexposure or farce. I estimated that the object may have around 30 to 50 meters in diameter." Maussan gave photos and Jim Dilettoso, an expert in image processing at Village Labs in Tucson, Arizona, who concluded that they were authentic.

Dilettoso concluded the footage was genuine. Side Note: The actual footage seen on the monitor above was the Phoenix UFO event, which also underwent extensive testing in this laboratory.
Carlos Diaz is seen here explaining to me that during one of his contacts experiences, just before he went inside the UFO, he was told by 'them' that he could only enter through the sides of the craft and through the yellow segments, not the red.

The apparent credibility of Diaz case has attracted UFO researchers outside Mexico. Michael Hesemann, historian, cultural anthropologist, UFO researcher, author and filmmaker German for seven years investigating the case of Carlos Diaz.
The first interview and it took Diaz in June 1994, during which he told them that he is in contact with these beings so their ships but also with those who "live among us." However, Hesemann continues in accordance with the words of Diaz, visitors are reluctant to fully reveal their origins.
"Apparently," says Hesemann, "they said however that visiting Earth for thousands of years and are particularly interested in our evolution, which, in comparison with theirs, was spent at a much faster rate. They try to understand why."
Hesemann said that researchers echoed the majority opinion when he said: "The case of Carlos Diaz is the most important documented case of human-extraterrestrial contact in modern times."

It is claimed the experiences still continue, now 35 years later and they have been eye-witnessed by thousands, including journalists, scientists and the Mayor of Mexico City.

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