Unexplained missing ships

The oceans are still the most mysterious and unexplored areas of the planet. In their depths lie submerged unsolved mysteries: wantonly wrecked ships, shipwrecks that appear and disappear from the old times, with ghostly crew on board. Even nowadays, terrifying events of a strange coincidence, without being able to be explained logically continues to raise questions scientists and public disquiet 

The Flying Dutchman
 1641. The boundary between the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Cape of Good Hope.
Huge waves hit the ship foaming rage. The oak gnashing a painful roar, was torn sail and mast stood ready to collapse. On deck, the bow, the wind suddenly, his hands clenched on the wheel, long-haul valiant captain tried in vain to break the gaze beyond ruthless storm raged. Drops of heavy water and ice cold whipped his face severely burned by the sun. The old "sea wolf" and lifted her head to the leaden sky and howled at night, citing Devil helped him repeatedly until then. The ship has already been condemned by the storm, but the captain, bitter, face wave after wave, in a fight to the death. "Even as ever to roam the seas, all I get to port! No I will not stop plague" cry. Mate of the vessel, which oversee stern burst: "You're crazy, you'll kill us all! I warn you, come now or die!". "Revolt on my ship?" Thundered the captain and removing the gun from his belt, without blinking, the second shot him in the chest. Mariners froze. Suddenly a beam of light cut the darkness, illuminating the bridge. Near captain came out of nowhere, a strange silhouette. "For now, only bitter gall will stand on the table instead of wine and hot iron will be food!" Utter silent appearance. "Your ship will wander forever cursed to be, Captain Van der Decken! Despise being forever to roam the rough waters without being able to rest ever!". And then, "The Flying Dutchman" scour the seas, entering a storm to another, without being able to dock in a port. Sailors, like a frantic game, up and down the sails, preparing and again by unleashing phenomenal.
This is the legend vessel "Flying Dutchman" ship that roam the seas and oceans, spreading terror through her ghostly appearance. There are dozens of testimonials attesting that the ship appears and disappears from the storm, bringing those he encounters misfortune or death. Sailors, very superstitious people argue that the story "Flying Dutchman" is not a legend and Dutch vessel and its captain were cursed for eternity, for daring to play with destiny and defy unsuspected forces.
Perhaps it would have remained a mere sailor story, if regularly eaten since a ship with sails decayed with a ghostly crew on board, had not been spotted on numerous occasions, for centuries, in different corners of the world . During the Second World War, there were dozens of reports of officers from both the Allied naval forces, as well as among the German, which referred to a strange interception: an abandoned ship, a ship categorically belonging to times long gone. Not a few officers risked their fearsome appearance even to argue that there was nothing but a ghost ship. It is reported that once the ship appear in sight, a sense of uncontrolled panic take over the entire crew. These detailed reports have sparked interest and the most skeptical scientists. "The so-called evidence can be attributed to hallucinations caused by physical and nervous exhaustion which reached very often officers of the Navy," experts say. Their explanations, however, remain far from clear sea mysterious appearances and continues to show today.
Ourang Medan
 June 1947. Malacca Strait.
It was a hot summer day, a strange lull, as if heralding a flurry of unsettling events. American ships SS City of Baltimore and SS Silver Star sailed silently through the Malacca Strait, which connects the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. Suddenly, on board both vessels was received a distress signal: "All officers including captain are dead, their bodies lie both on deck and in the cockpit. It is possible that the entire crew is dead ... and I end up." The transmission ended abruptly, and then installed a deathlike silence. Call S.O.S. was taken as the masters of the two American vessels, as well as listening posts British and Dutch, who deduced that the message was most likely sent from Medan Ourang Dutch freighter that appear on radar, navigating through the same strait on route to Singapore. The masters Silver Star which, apparently, was the closest vessel in distress, emergency gave command to change the route and start all engines to the Dutch ship. Soon Ourang Medan was found. The Americans tried to transmit Morse signals welcome Dutch. No results. Everything on board was speechless. On deck, no sign of life. Having no choice, the American captain sent some sailors in recognition. As soon as they boarded the ship Ourang Medan, the rescue team found that emergency calls were not at all exaggerated. The sight was horrifying: the whole deck was full of corpses. Bodies lying twisted, hands as if pleading for help. Their faces frozen in a grimace of terror and agony. In the same state body was discovered and the Dutch captain. The American team could not find the cause of death of Dutch sailors and no sign indicating that their ship had been damaged in any way, although its engines stop working. Then the captain of Silver Star decided that the only solution is to tow the Dutch cargo ship, to the nearest port. But as soon as tow ropes were attached, sailors noticed that under the lower deck of the hold, came out black smoke streaks. Alert, Americans have cut ropes and barely have started to depart a few tens of meters, when the ship Ourang Medan exploded with such force, that "rose into the air and sank at once into the depths", as witnesses reported . American crew watched in horror on deck as the ship disappeared into the depths Dutch sailors had not been breathing a sigh of relief, and they dragged into the abyss.
Years have passed and although the international press had written dozens of articles about the events of June 1947, however, no official statement had been issued. Theories began to be circulated only five years later, when scientists have hypothesized that the cargo aboard the Dutch would have been a load "bomb" with potassium cyanide and nitroglycerin. Both substances can be extremely hazardous in contact with sea water, potassium cyanide poisoning crew bringing death and causing nitroglycerin explosion. According to another theory, it is argued that "aboard several ships abandoned discovered at sea, drifting, were found dead bodies whose faces were embedded expressions of horror. In thunderstorm, the seas and oceans appear infrasound whose high frequency and intensity can cause serious brain, can affect the nervous system or the circulatory, in many cases can even be fatal. " But if things seemed apparently so clear who had sent SOS signal, and the Dutch ship that exploded immediately after being discovered ?! On these questions, scientists have failed to respond to any day.

Battleship Cursed
 October 3, 1936 Wilhelmshaven, Germany.
Wilhelmshaven port dock bays, with the North Sea, were crowded with people. Both ordinary people and the city elite were present at an event that was announced spectacular: battleship Scharnhorst launch water, the pride of the German fleet 30s, in a unique ceremony, attended by himself "Fuhrer", leader Chief of Germany, Adolf Hitler. The mighty battleship Scharnhorst received its name in memory of the great Prussian general Gerhard von Scharnhorst, military personnel brand that thorough reform of the military structure of Prussia during the Napoleonic wars that devastated the whole of Europe. Unfortunately, no one realized at that moment that this name was chained in a series of tragic events for Germany. His name had entered into a series of grim events a century ago, when, in 1813, the famous general Scharnhorst suffered a defeat to the French army at Lützen, failure seems strange, given that the Napoleonic army forces were significantly lower the Russo-Prussian numeric. Later, in the early twentieth century, with the same name was baptized another German cruiser. Curse or coincidence, battleship Scharnhorst was to be sunk in 1914, the British fleet in one of the worst naval defeat suffered by the German Empire in the First World War.
"Every ship has a soul and that he is predestined fate. Very often, the destiny of the vessel depends on the assigned name. The cruiser that was built in 1930, the direct order of Hitler, to be able to resist the powerful British warships was doomed, since the "birth" to, "says Nikolai Cerkaşin, Russian military historian. Indeed, Scharnhorst ship seemed cursed ever since they first started construction work, for it began to reap lives, even before being released to water. The shipyard at Wilhelmshaven killed more than 100 workers who worked on its construction. Thus, soon spread the rumor that "the Führer vessel" is doomed and that anyone who approaches him is doomed to death. No German worker was no longer willing to work on its construction and months, the project was even abandoned.
And behold arrived, however, the day the heavy military ship had been completed and was finally launched on water. But the Events himself ruler of Germany did not take place as it should have. Even before battleship designer to start speech, cables anchored vessel in dock were pulled and the vessel crashed into two barges, a few tens of meters. As a cursed fate would have predicted the ship and its crew. And bad luck continued. Immediately after the release of water, ship, although excellent designed, began to have technical problems. The ship, strong and fast, should have frighten enemies only by its imposing appearance. But the series of misfortunes upon him continually deviated transformed slowly into a vessel which was said to be cursed. Within a few years, the board has spent several tragic accidents, mysterious. In one of his missions, one of cannons exploded unexpectedly and 20 sailors lost their lives. A few days later, the ship was headed for the docks for repairs, vessel hold a fire and 12 other people perished in the flames. Even before entering the harbor, battleship was hit by a German liner, suffering serious damage.
 Although battleship Scharnhorst won several important naval battles, his life was not too long. On 26 December 1943, only seven years when he was released to water, the vessel was torpedoed in a terrible naval battle, the same British fleet in the North Sea, near the fjords of Norway. Out of a crew of nearly two thousand sailors, did not survive than 36 people. It is said that before sinking, under the British officers, a sound long, strange, would be heard, as if the ship had roar of pain. Norwegian Fishermen tell that every year, on Christmas night, the sound still sounds and, above water, appears in the distance, the waves, off-white silhouette of a German battleship.

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