The mysterious clairvoyant Wolf Messing - II

Under the guidance and close supervision of Professor Abel and other specialists neurologists and psychiatrists, Wolf began to discover and then to practice their unique abilities. Gradually, he realized the ability to control people mentally and learned to discern the "chorus of voices" that his subconscious sounded exactly the voice that had to capture and to individualize. After several years of experiments and exercises, the boy managed to introduce state of trance and he could completely suppress any pain. Then decide together with Professor Abel that he is prepared to make known to the general public. And so, the young Wolf, aged 16, was employed at state circus in Berlin where illusion had its own number. The first part of the performance, the audience amazed Wolf walking barefoot on swords and thrusting needles into the body, without even a drop of blood to flow. And in the second, perform demonstrations of hypnosis and telepathy: the thoughts of those in the room read, "swiped" from the pockets of viewers various objects, without leaving the scene, or various commands transmitted mentally subjects. "It is not about mind reading but, more accurately, reading muscles. When a man is thinking intensely about something, nerve cells in the brain transmit impulses to all muscles in the body. This is not visible to the eye uninitiated, I but a capture immediately and take control. and so commands transmitted easily subject subconsciously, without having direct contact, "explains Wolf Messing few years later.

Its unusual psychological experiments become so popular that thousands of people
crowding to catch a place in performances that were held throughout Germany. Young was headlining show with its "psychological experiences of Wolf Messing." Soon, his fame has spread throughout Europe, and Albert Einstein himself expressed his burning desire to know him young medium. Learning that is on tour in Austria, the famous physicist invites Messing visit. In his house, Wolf meets and Sigmund Freud, the great neuropsychiatrist who immediately proposes to put together an experiment. Sadly, Freud suggests young Wolf to go in the other room, on the desk to bring a violin, hand it over to them physicist and mentally, to convey its request to interpret a piece of music. Wolf passed the test psychiatrist, delighted beyond measure, proposes a second experiment. This time, Messing had to take off the dressing table tweezers to pluck physicist and three hairs from the famous luxuriant mustache. Slightly embarrassed, Wolf took two fingers with tweezers, was directed by scholar and apologetically and explained what is required to do. Einstein smiled and accepted the game.

So he chose young Messing with celebrity two friends worldwide. It seems that the young telepath lived for several months in the house of Freud, father of psychoanalysis where it has helped to broaden their horizons further, instructing him in the field of hypnosis and self-hypnosis.
For years, he traveled around the world, featuring sensational performances throughout Europe, the Americas, India and Japan. Reaching the tournament in Riga, the capital of the current Latvians, Wolf Messing performed in front of thousands of spectators a completely unique experiment: a car driving on the main avenue of the city, blindfolded. In his right mentally driver maneuvers dictated that we had to execute. Messing sofa not never in his life and this experiment, although met with success in the applause of the crowd, there was ever repeated.

In 1937, during a performance in Warsaw, Messing dared to utter a prediction that would change his life path and his brilliant career. In front of thousands of people predicted the exact date of the death of Adolf Hitler, the then Chancellor of Germany, who already preparing trigger policy of the Second World War. The next day, all the major Polish daily titrated with large letters on the front page "A Hebrew prophet foretells on April 30, 1945 as the day of the death of Hitler." Naturally this news reached the ears of the driver immediately Nazi F├╝hrer offered a reward of 200 thousand marks, an astronomical sum, which will bring the "head" of the prophet.

When German troops invaded Poland, against Wolf Messing was triggered a real hunt. Realizing the danger, the famous medium was hidden for months in the cellar of a merchant house in Warsaw, until one day when the inevitable occurred. Messing was discovered, arrested and severely beaten until he lost consciousness. Recovering his senses until dark cell in the basement of the Interior Ministry in Warsaw, Messing gathered his forces and by the power of the mind, conveyed the guards are beyond the cold walls of the brig that had been thrown, all to gather there. Guards first arrived and after a few minutes, running, came even duty officer. Messing's not has nothing left to do but passed them smoothly to pull the latch over heavy iron door and leave the building.

In those terrible years, throughout Poland, Jews were arrested and forced to live in ghettos. Those who managed to escape fled abroad, mainly in the Soviet Union, hoping for a quiet life in May. Thus, although the idea did not thrill him, Messing decide that its new destination must be immense country from the east. Although not speak Russian and did not know anyone, Wolf Messing is received troupe of artists offering performances in Brest region, in southwestern Belarus. And behold, once again, his gift unique, unusual, would save her life. During a show offered in Minsk on stage next Messing, and have appeared several agents NKVD (Soviet secret police) who, apologizing publicly, had "skipped" the telepath.

He was taken directly to the terrible Stalin, who had already heard about the phenomenal clairvoyant powers. To verify its capabilities, Stalin ordered to enter the state treasury and get a huge amount, one hundred thousand rubles, with no document in hand, helping it just brainpower. Even the eyes of secret agents, entered the building Messing Central Bank, was directed to the cashier and handed the officer a simple blank page of a notebook, opened his briefcase waiting banknotes. The cashier looked simple piece of paper, then opened the safe and mustered a hundred thousand rubles. For telepath, the experiment proved to be a mere exercise of its capabilities.

Although Russia at that time, hypnosis, telepathy or other such "illusionistic tricks" were considered charlatans and as such completely prohibited, Stalin allowed the Wolf Messing to offer performances throughout the Soviet Union.

In 1943, during a show held in Novosibirsk, Messing was asked when this war. Without a second thought, the seer replied with serious voice: "I see the insignia of the Red Army tanks marching on the streets of Berlin. May 8, 1945".

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