Marcahuasi - a platter with huge rocks. Are all these rocks were formed naturally or are artificially created? Now, if we consider an artificial achievement then we can ask the question: who made them?
If unusual geological formations when too many things would have to say. It may be that wind and rain have carved millennium after millennium rock and revealed miracles that we admire today stunned. However, there are other theories, why people believe these rocks some of the remarkable achievements of bygone eras?
The answer comes from those who have visited is given all the questions. Simple logic encounters obstacles. It is true that party X resembles a camel, but next to it is another that looks like a man, and she is one of wool like a queen and the .... and near the list goes on. How is it that all these are grouped so close together. Is it a coincidence? And if it is a coincidence that we have dozens of coincidences on this plateau. In principle too many coincidences are not natural.
Many questions revolve around a single name of a small plateau in Peru. With a length of more than 3 km and a width of 6-700 meters Marcahuasi reveals in all its grandeur visitor Andes. To get there have to travel the 80 km that separates it from Lima bearing NE. When you step on this plateau you will be at a height of 4000 m and probably you have breath for two reasons: megaliths and altitude.
If we assume that these rocks are the artistic achievements of ancestors ancestral. The first problem we face in this assumption is that the dating of these sculptures. History of known and accepted by historians today do not match even remotely advanced civilization would have lived a few ... tens of thousands of years ago in this region. But to get over this little discrepancy. Now we begin to hit other obstacles. How is it that these sculptures depicting both humans and animals that never lived in this region. The two possible answers are lived but we do not know and / or sculptors traveled all continents. In this simple way, we assume a pre-Columbian civilization, or to be more precise, long before any known civilization. A civilization that had

strong links with all cultures trans-oceanic weather. Discuss about this global civilization for centuries but are not supported by historical evidence. So there will be no compelling evidence controversy will always exist.

This place Marcahuasi proved to be little more than a curiosity of nature or an archaeological site (depending on what perspective you look) it is also a mystical place with a special energy load. Residents often mention encounters with UFO (ovni or ovnis in the local dialect), this set is said that there are many tunnels that cross the Andes. Locals would not under any circumstances enter into these tunnels being absolutely terrified just at the thought of such audacity. Conversely, countless locals and visitors have had telepathic experiences, premonitions, clairvoyance, clairaudience around this place.
What could this mean?
From the point of view of classical science ... absolutely nothing or just mass hysteria caused by high altitude. On the other hand, for those who do not attend traditional paths of science, all these links into a single unit with a higher significance. For them, there are obviously more than rocks more than sculptures, rather than some ancient civilization. Are you traveling with ancient aliens chariots of fire in the air, those that are described in the sacred books of humanity as angels or gods have anything to do with this set?
Although the parties-sculptures are more numerous, to go over the most remarkable.
 The Monument to Humanity - Monument to Humanity
 The Prophet - Prophet
 The Sphinx - Sfixul
 The Dove (La Paloma) - Dove
 The Alchemist .- Profile of a man hiding. - The Alchemist (human profile hide)
 Valley of the Seals - Valley seals
 The Amphitheater - Amphitheatre
 The Fortress - Fortress
 The Frog (El Sapo) - Frog
 The Tortoise - Tortoise
 The Goddess Thueris - Egyptian goddess Ta-urt (goddess of newborns and mothers) in its known female hippo
 The Helmet of God - The cover of the Lord
 The Sanctuary - Sanctuary
Born in Lima, Daniel Ruzo (1900-1993) was the greatest civilizations from the time immemorial has argued that civilization called Proto. According to this theory there was an ancient civilization that would have covered the entire surface of the Earth, but as sensations usually go away after some severe disasters such as flood described in the Bible. Population today would be the successor of the few survivors of this ancient civilization. Following its search Ruzo many megaliths discovered in Peru, on the shores of the ocean.

Unfortunately, they were not sufficiently similar to a classical sculpture were categorized as erosion rather random rocks in the region. Ruzo continued research for the discovery of the remains of civilization Masma.
This name was floated before the Peruvian Pedro Astete Ruzo a famous occultist in his time. In 1905 he had a vision of a huge underground space containing all knowledge of ancestors. Then Astete heard a voice repeating "Masma". Astete studied all the myths and legends with esoteric symbolism and was convinced that Huanca region of Peru are buried treasures immeasurable. He also found a connection between the name and the Bible Masma. The Masma is one of the sons of Ishmael. He led his own tribe. It is possible that this tribe have traveled to Peru? Can the realm of legend Ophir where Solomon traveled for gold to be located in Peru? However, Peru has always been regarded as an area filled with gold. Conquistadors came here in search of gold.
Ruzo has learned that there was a fold Marcahuasi locals called "Tie Inca". Ruzo quickly organized an expedition and when he reached Marcahuasi started investigations. He found that the head of Inca was actually composed of two heads of two persons of different races. In addition, this stone can saw dozens of smaller heads. The name that I gave it Ruzo and that remains today is the "Monument to Humanity". From 1953 to 1960 he studied intensively every piece of stone on this plateau. In fact he built a cabin here and lived for long periods. Ruzo wrote books and held numerous conferences in which he detailed all the discoveries. In search of evidence to prove the existence of civilization and especially to prove Masma area of distribution of this ancient civilization Ruzo traveled to Bolivia, France, England, Egypt and even in Romania. In 1968 Ruzo confesses that arrived in Romania and was accompanied by a team appointed by the country's leadership to achieve a documentary. With great sadness Ruzo found that documentary that was filmed in his instructions was introduced in France and Germany as a great achievement of Romanian specialists and he was forced to buy a copy, otherwise I would have had no trace of his research in our country.

George Hunt Williamson's findings Ruzo first popularized in his book "Road to the Sky" published in 1959 Williamson believes that this plateau is a proof that our ancestors had contact with alien beings from the earliest periods of history . Marcahuasi is a plate full of energy and this is proven by the large number of testimonies of its visitors about UFOs. It seems that this really hot center înâlnirilor with extraterrestrial beings. Even the biggest skeptics admit that they have had some experiences that they can not explain when they arrived on the set of Marcahuasi.

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