The Healing Power of Photography

The magical power of photography

Since ancient times, it is believed that there is a mysterious connection between man and his image representation. Today, parapsychologists talk about that images can have a positive or negative influence on the human psyche, can influence the destiny, it can cure the disease, but it can also take even his life.

Photography healing

"Take between your hands my picture and think of it as a medical tool. You have to believe with all the power that in your hands is the key that will open the path to healing. Relax completely and try to listen to the body. Straighten photo by part of the body or the organ that upset you. Made the circle of a few centimeters above the body, move the image to reach the affected area. After a few minutes, you will feel the pain fades slowly out of the body, as an invisible instrument would get her out."
After reading the above instructions carefully and follow the recommendations of the woman was out of bed and mincing was headed to the library. They line up on the shelf where, as a small altar, the family photos of her husband and son who are no longer with her long in this world, the old woman sat carefully healing image. 30 years ago, M. A. was diagnosed with a relentless disease: osteosarcoma, bone cancer. Although tumor that is developed around the knee joint almost no longer allowed to go, she did not want in any way to go to the hospital. A few years ago, her son and her husband had been involved in a car accident because of medical negligence, she said, they died on
Hospital bed. Therefore, M. was very apprehensive about hospitals and doctors.
However, in a later, when the pain became unbearable, she agreed to be taken to the doctor. But it was already too late and experts have said that if not operated emergency will be forced to amputate her leg. Hearing "sentence" M. flatly refused surgery and asked the family to take her back to home. Nobody has managed to convince the gravity of the situation and the doctors were forced to outsiders. Soon, her granddaughter, grandmother worried state, came to her visit, convinced that it will help to heal. After encouraging her with love and stretched a picture and I said: "Here, this man has special powers, left from God. Such but never seen. And everybody talks about him as the greatest healer. He shows on television, in stadiums, where he organizes meetings therapeutic gather hundreds of people hoping to be healed. His powers are so miraculous that it can heal many diseases soul and body, even from a distance. It is said that this photo is loaded with the energy of positive and can cure almost any suffering." The Photo shows a man with regular features, with dark eyes piercing. His hands, palms open to the viewer, as if hypnotized you. The old woman stared photograph and, by some miracle, her face was illuminated. She shook her head as a sign the declaration and made a cross.

Alan Ciumak - photo healing
Thus began the healing M. road. Every day, more and more believing advice niece, following method healer and using photography as a tool, make energetic massage on the affected leg. Evening hours praying at the vigil lamp, begging Good Lord heal her. Days passed one after another and the patient feels better and better. The pains no longer tormented and tumors begin to withdraw. After a year, to the amazement of all, M. began to walk again. The disease left his body completely. Since then more than thirty years, M. A., although overwhelmed years ago, walks on his feet and is quite healthy. She is convinced that her salvation came down from heaven and medicine man in the photo is just an instrument of God, by His mercy, acting on Earth.

Ciumak effect
M. A. case it is not singular. Hundreds testify that following the treatment plan through energy passes through certain photos have been cured of serious illnesses, diseases which doctors say is incurable.
The method of curing diseases through photographs was used for the first time in Russia in the 80s of last century by the famous Russian healer Alan Ciumak. Renowned throughout the Soviet space for its therapeutic capabilities extrasensory healing remotely using energy passes Alan Ciumak has gradually gained worldwide fame. Today, its methods, although disputed by scientists, are used in alternative medicine clinics.
According to the hypothesis of Professor Ciumak, the photograph of a person is actually bioenergetic field image information of that person. This field includes the past, present and even future, that the whole life of man in the photo. This explains how a diagnosis can only special people the photo patient and may even cure the disease. Ciumak does not need photos of his patients, but acting on his own image sufferers treating them. But not every photo you can heal! Photos healing are only those made in times when the therapist is in a state in which telepathy can act on the patient's bioenergetic field. This method through which Russian healer away the patient may act was discovered by chance.
"Nothing in this world happens by chance," says Alan Ciumak. "I am convinced that the circumstances that led to the discovery of this method have arisen only through God's will. The story happened in Kaunas, a city in Lithuania, in the house of my friends, spouses Leontev. Because we were friends of the soul since childhood spouses Leontev kept on the desk in the living room a picture of me. It was a picture that had been surprised at one of the meetings my therapeutic, made in 1989, in the TV studio Ostankino in Moscow. One day, a neighbor came to visit and seeing my picture, almost hypnotized, in tears, she asked his wife Leontev to borrow her for a few days. Surprised that request, asked her what she needs. She replied: « This man has great healing capabilities. I am sure that his picture will help you know how my mother is sick. "Were also wondering how she knew that female friends about my therapeutic powers. They looked and her image carefully, but did not notice anything unusual. She took the photo, shook her chest and left in a hurry. After two weeks she returned happily and told them that her mother now feels much better, only because photography healing. "As soon as I zoomed by sickness and pain drained the body of the mother, began to tremble and have chills and fever. Photography was certainly a powerful effect on the body: they swarmed something inside and went out. After a few days I continued to walk over hers body image, my mother began to feel better and better and pains have disappeared. In a week she has returned and now was out of bed and does not appear to have been sick ever! It's a miracle! "
Thus, by chance or not, Alan Ciumak discovered that his pictures can heal serious diseases. But to understand how these photos remotely act, it must first trace the origin of its capabilities and how it was that he, a mere man can exert a positive influence on someone.
He was endowed with an extraordinary gift which is to heal and found him alone. He was 42 years old and a nice career in journalism. In 1970, his little boy, Dimitri, was ill with meningitis. Alan sat day and night at his bedside, watching him. At one point, he found that in some way comforting palms boy suffering little head, it starts to feel better. And gradually, day by day, little is recovered, and Alan was increasingly persuaded that God had dedicated with unusual powers. Subsequently, for years it was his own subject of research and study. The healer budding was subjected to several experiments to understand how his extrasensory abilities to act and how they could make the most to help as many peers.
Today, after more than 40 years of practice, Russian healer can provide an explanation of his method of healing. "The human body is a "bundle "energy dense," says Alan Ciumak. "The emotions, thoughts, soul is" bundles "thin energy that surrounds the body and extending in the universe. All these elements form the energy field information. Health is a state of harmony that field. Each cell in the human body every minute of his life generates vibrations that carry information to other cells. Pulses of electrical flow of nutrients and energy taking place between cells, however, the essence, cause and effect information exchange in the human body. If this process is done harmoniously everything is perfect: the man is healthy. If the information meets his way to other cells obstacles, filters, it shall be sent incomplete, garbled when the man is sick. I do not fight against human disease, whether bodily or spiritual but simply helps to streamline information flow. Through my own energy released clearing the way for access to information in the patient's body. I correct the distortion of the informational energy field, restoring the state of harmony. "
The amazing thing is that Alan Ciumak can restore harmony, not only in direct contact with the patient but also remotely by using his photographs energetic charged, caught in a maximum concentration. After years of study, he has managed to achieve a method which can cure photographic image.

Treatment with photo
First, the patient must be convinced that photography can "act" as a healing tool. The explanation lies in opening portals human inner energy that current science does not know. Opening the gates is only when their owner is convinced that he wants this and most importantly that it is useful. Once the patient is aware of this, begin the process of collaboration between patient and therapist, possibly triggering the healing process.
"The first step is to take the photo in hand. During the hearing, you must « listen » carefully signals their body. This "audition" is your active participation in the process of interaction with me in the process of recovery. The Second step is to move the picture along the body. Indirect interaction, direct me, I, with my hands, the one who performed the movements, passes energy. When using photos, you are the one who must perform this massage. Take the bottom corner of the photo and turn it into your image.

Sit back and relax completely. By circling, turning the first photo overhead, then around it, and gradually, over the chest, stomach down, slowly, to the lower limbs. Without thinking about your specific handling technique, "massage your" body image field (without a touch of flesh). Focus your attention to body sensations. You may feel a hot, cold or tingly feeling. You certainly know where to stay and on which areas to insist. Thus you will be able to tune in and informational energy field will "pump" in your own body, healing energy. If your condition of health is good, you may not feel any sensation in interaction with the photo. When the state is balanced, the body does not transmit signals, and further harmonization of the field is carried out "in silence". Practice these meetings in the morning, but not before the renewal of the soul through prayer, for we must never forget that all energy came only from God. You can resume exercise whenever needed, when signs of fatigue, depression and anxiety and, necessarily, the evening before going to bed. "

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