Lake Titicaca is the highest in the world and one of the most mysterious places on Earth. According to Inca mythology, it would be matrix whence world, the cradle of the legendary sons of the sun.

The lake is situated at a height of 3811 meters in the Andes, the highest navigable in the world.
It is the largest lake in South America, at least in terms of water volume. Although Maracaibo, Venezuela, has a larger area, is connected to the Caribbean Sea, making it rather be a bay. Also, is the largest lake in South America, with an area of ​​9710 km².
Located in the Plateau Andean Altiplano, surrounded by the Andes on the border between Peru and Bolivia, Lake Titicaca has an average depth of between 140 and 180 m, reaching a maximum of 280 m. More than 25 rivers flow into Lake Titicaca.
 Titicaca has two parts that seem almost two separate lakes, connected by a channel 800 yards in the narrowest place called Strait of Tiquina.
The larger of the two pools is called Lago Grande and Lago Pequeno lowest, but they are also known as Lago and Lago Huinaymarka Chucuito. Maximum depth of the first is 284 meters and has the little 40 meters. The average depth is 107 meters.
Located on the border between Peru and Bolivia, this inland sea covers an arid plateau located at 3811 meters altitude, surrounded by the peaks of the Andes mountains. It is the largest inland body of water on the planet.
For the uninitiated it may seem like any other lake, among the many pools of water present in the mountains. But things are not so. A smattering of mystery floating on its surface, a veil covers her legends islands and shores. According to local traditions, which are lost in the mists of time, this lake would be the anchor of the primordial gods, descend from heaven in astral ships, the tomb of treasures fabulous and deeply missing cities. Even more, they say, the hideout of visitors from space.
Lately, due to changes in temperature, water level decreases more and more, now the lowest since 1949. The lake has 41 islands of different sizes, some densely populated. One of the largest is Isla del Sol (IslandCopacabana, Bolivia.
of the Sun), which can be reached by regular flights from

A lot of questions

Geological origins of this lake were flowing waves of ink and have given rise to many controversial assumptions. "Mystery Lake" as appointed Commander Cousteau, stretches over 200 kilometers long and 60 wide, with a brackish water, very strange at this altitude. Its geography is complex: isthmuses, peninsulas and even floating islands formed cane, which is home to over 2,000 residents. Moreover, its bottom were discovered shells of marine animals, which has led some researchers to assert that Lake Titicaca has at one time part of the Pacific Ocean and at this altitude was propelled thousands of years ago by geological uplifting Andes Mountains.
Or is somehow the result of a sudden melting Andean glaciers, 10,000 years ago? Or that of a catastrophic flood talking about local legends and ancient texts from around the world? It is clear that in the past the lake was much larger, because its former range in geological sides 60 meters higher than its current level. As evidence, there are also vast harbor quays discovered mysterious ruins near Tiahuanaco, located 25 kilometers from the shores of Lake Titicaca. But is it true story recently discovered ruins on the bottom? What do the legends associated with the dramatic disappearance of ancient cities?

Gods come from the mists of time

One day, in times unknown, appeared to not know where the one who created the world, the sun, moon and stars. And there, on an island sacred Lake Titicaca, later known as the "Sun Island", he made the first man out of clay, as a giant, whose effigies still haunting terrible surroundings of Tiahuanaco. The creator god named feared and respected "Viracocha", so named by the Incas, latecomers on the lake. It also says that ​​the start and then modeled in mud lake, the first being true: people.
God was not pleased with his first creation and swept, simply clumsy giants that made
Many natives believe that god Viracocha is the one who created the world, including the sun, moon and stars, and that after death, the souls return to origins, in Lake Titicaca, considered the holiest place in the Andes.

But who is this Viracocha that Spanish missionaries struggled so much to Andean peoples out of memory? Enigmatic to decorate effigy famous "Gate of the Sun". He is also known as the Kon Tiki Viracocha and is accompanied by many other deities, both male and female. After he destroyed four times creation, which he considered an imperfect, terrible floods and fires, Viracocha eventually managed to create primordial couple "Manco Capac and Oello Mamma" and now revered by islanders lake.
There are many hypotheses about the origin of Viracocha. But all agree that it is a god came from elsewhere. Viracocha is often described having a beard and white skin. It is even said that he left behind a distinct and some Andean descent living on islands are taller as their neighbors and have lighter skin. In addition, according to the chronicles of the Inca, Viracocha's followers, called "aymaras" which were established on the Island of the Sun, were also called "people-led" because they could fly.

Palace from the lake bottom

According to local legend, collected by Spanish chroniclers from the sixteenth century, the city of "people-led" they are today, on the bottom. The Indians who live on the islands of Titicaca know that the path that starts from the shore and sinks in the lake, reaching its bottom, leading to a huge palace and he sank, and many other ruins. many elders living in villages on the lake, mostly centenarians, testify that during some terrible drought, saw the lake waters draining so much that has surfaced an entire city. for them, the city is the one swallowed "Zapanas" people-flying kings.
Urban Legend swallowed, and the fabulous treasures which are said to be hidden somewhere on the bottomLake Titicaca, attracted many adventurers eager to get rich, but also some very important research. The Commander Cousteau undertook a submarine expedition to study the lake bottom, but apparently not the place to be searched, because did not find anything. However, he said: "It is possible that such ruins exist, buried beneath the mud from the lake bottom, which has a thickness of 30-40 meters and continuously growing due to silt from the mountains".

The fact is that in 2000, a group of archaeologists found the ruins of an ancient temple in the lake waters, which seems to date back about 1,000 years. It measures 200 meters long by 50 meters wide. There, they found evidence of practicing agriculture, a paved road and a wall 800 meters long. About all they believed were holding Wanaku, a city legendary, mysterious, currently under water.
Continued research and discovered another team in the summer of 2013, a large number of artifacts from different historical epochs during both the Inca and pre-Inca in
"We found about 2,000 objects and fragments" would declare Belgian director Christophe Delaire Project "Huinaimarca". His team unearthed over 30 gold items. "There are ceramics that have a length of between 500-800 years, and artifacts that were 1,500 years old, such as animal figurines showing" Delaire said.

In search of lost treasures

In the second half of the twentieth century, there were several attempts to explore the bottom of Lake Titicaca. In 1956, Mardoff, a diver financed by a wealthy Bolivian tried to discover the gold of the Incas from the bottom waters. Target searches represent an especially huge gold chain of King Huascar, measuring over 200 feet long, which was sunk in the lake to escape the greed of the Spaniards. But diver sought in vain, although it evidences local stories, providing concrete details: They say it was built specifically a huge boat with huge chain was transported to the middle of the lake. Mardoff sank hundreds of times, but did not find anything. A normal fact in the opinion of specialists, because if there really Inca gold should be buried under layers of silt deposited huge lake bottom now. But Mardoff discovered something not looking for: a giant city, resting 30 meters deep under water, even the mouth ESCON, masked by some huge algae.
Immense ruins beneath the waters of the lake had been raised since 1937 by Peruvian archaeologists and sailors sailing on the lake. Other observations of foreign travelers and amateur divers were added numerous stories of ordinary Indians to sail on the waters of the lake. They have seen several times in periods of drought, walls and paved roads silhouetted among green algae. Bottom of the lake seems to be sprinkled vestiges of ancient architecture. Legends fishermen say these ruins are haunted by the ghosts of strange beings that hold them to the bottom on seafarers lost.
Led by Russian scientist Igor Malinowski, a diver named Argentine Ramon Avellaneda explored the lake waters turn. The expedition was a success, because he found a paved road that spans several hundred meters parallel to the coast, and a complex of megalithic walls, which the researchers were able to film them. A recent exploration undertaken by a researcher Bolivian Eduardo Pareja, in October 2010 detected a vast architectural structure, 200 meters long and 40 wide, which could be the remains of a temple or a palace. Currently, major investments are preparing to study more closely these ruins are indubitable evidence of the existence of a large city sank millennia ago.

Flying discs

When Commander Cousteau appeared on the waters of Lake Titicaca with its famous batiscafuri, islanders began, suddenly, to remember about suchlike that we have seen over the lake and the Andes. Indeed, at the time, had seen many objects flying over the region. The Indians say they saw "disc voladores" Andean sky ...
Being illiterate, it is assumed that they were influenced by what was written in the newspapers. These repeated occurrences were, indeed, the subject of the first page of all newspapers age. Some even think ufologi Andes are one of the foundations Visitor favorites come from space. A Chilean expedition discovered the late 60s two large circular platforms, paved each with 263 huge stone blocks, weighing 10 tonnes, cut into lava and adjusted with incredible precision. The expedition had to fight four days with a snow storm to get to this area, located at 3200 meters altitude, in front of the volcano Descabezado Grande. But what intrigued him the best tracks on the expedition were black, radioactive, found on the surface of these areas.
Indian Locals say that these platforms should hide underground bases where sometimes hear strange noises and see strange lights. They make a direct link between these platforms and "discos voladores" flying discs landing and rises like the sun shining on those platforms. They say that their ancestors frequently telling about these flying objects that landed even volcanoes. In However, these bases do not appear to be recent. in the distance, on the mountainside, opening a vast cave, even at 1500 meters altitude. the Indians say that it communicates directly with another platform located near Titicaca.

Gate of the Sun

"Gate of the Sun" is a huge monolith of andesite volcanic, weighing over 12 tons, measuring 4 feet on 3. He stands isolated and alone, not included in any architectural structure, completed without any other palace or sanctuary, opening simply, to infinity Altiplano region. stone Gate is crossed by some very strange letters. Some researchers, such as Russia and Kazantev Jikov, seeing in them a Venusian calendar over 15,000 years old. in the center is a character frontispiece odd, which is identified by many as Viracocha, the god of civilizing, who created the first humans on an island of lake Titicaca. Those letters could be so strange a secret schedule that prevents humanity of cataclysms to come, like the famous Mayan calendar. All assumptions remain possible as long as the writing has not been deciphered.
Archaeologist Kaufmann Doig believes that under Sun Gate lies a huge underground hall. Be it a tomb? A sanctuary? Grave robbers that ravaged the site for several centuries may have already discovered that and have it emptied of riches. What is known for sure is that there were complex network of underground sewer and went to the islands sacred lake. Many gold miners were lost there, some have died and others came out of the maze after days and days of wandering, half crazy. It is even said that some of these countless underground lead to some huge rooms and the entire network would stretch to Cuzco, which is 400 kilometers away. Spaniards have blocked most of the entries in this maze, the few who remained were known only by Indians. Legends transcribed and commented by Spanish chroniclers speak of huge skulls, exhumed, equipped with large teeth. Other traditions describe giants with white skin and big red beard. To be about the Vikings? Jacques from Maya, writer and dowser, claims that the Vikings were infiltrated by South America and gave rise to the premium received royal caste. Other archaeologists and scientists says it's about work Atlanteans, because architectural principles are the same: the use of enormous blocks of stone for the erection of shrines, which even today no one knows exactly how they were taken on the spot. Just happened to Stonehenge, where the temples of Malta, the terraces at Baalbek, the sanctuary in Turkey, from Kobekli Tape, with an age of 12,000 years. So are some temples in Egypt near the Sphinx, they seem much older than the pyramids built by the pharaohs. Is Tiahuanaco part of the same antediluvian civilization, forgotten and swallowed up the flood which speak terribly sacred texts?

A basis for the "brothers from space"?

But the newest legends Titicaca lake waters speaks of existence as a base Venusian land, which drew on the banks of the so-called "white brotherhood," consisting of high initiates, who left Tibet after the Chinese coming choosing Titicaca new haven law, to cooperate with aliens in order to improve human consciousness. Peruvian Luis Fernando Mostajo appears as spokesman aliens. He says he was first contacted in 1972 by a mentor of Great Brotherhood, under waters of Lake Titicaca. there they are a basis of the "brothers from space" come back to earth with tens of thousands of years to help mankind to gain access to a new consciousness. Mostajo say it was mandated by aliens as an intermediary between them and humans. According to the prophecies of 2013 ought to be the great year that humanity will have a new sense of self, nearest environmental and faith.

We hope that future expeditions to bring to light several elements in support of either theory wave mysteries so slowly start to unravel. It is very important for us as a species we are past and the lack of reliable information from scientifically proven left room for much speculation. The fact is that on the bottom is the remains of an ancient cilizaĊ£ii that could lead us to the conclusion that we are the fifth wave of the "Creation".

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