Although many of us find the idea of a hollow Earth is rather ridiculous, since scientifically-based information handy are currently exploiting this alternative theory dates back to the ancient and not own a single civilization. It occurs both in Icelandic folklore, and in distant Tibet, and the idea is the same: the true wisdom springs from the depths of the earth, and there was a population of advanced so spiritually and technologically. Or Paradise Lost? Or is it in fact true location of Atlantis? Or maybe the little green men from space are not coming as we believe, but even the center of the Earth, where they were based for their flying saucers. In this case, we should get the hat in front of them and call them "intra-terrestrial" ... How much is truth and how much is fiction?
Meditating on outlandish theories that have long been taken seriously teaches us to be cautious before many ideas including credence in the media and even in some scientific circles .
There are two hollow Earth theory. According to the former, we live on its bark , and inside there is another world that we do not know, where the mysterious kingdom of Agartha , the residence of the king of the world. According to the second, we believe that we live in outer crust of the earth , but actually living inside it ( we think we live on a convex surface , but in reality we live in a concave surface ) .
One of the first hollow Earth theory was proposed in 1692 by Edmund Halley , who suggested that the Earth was composed of four spheres stacked one another and the planet's interior would have lived and illuminated by a light atmosphere as . Later, the famous mathematician Euler had to replace the theory of multiple spheres to that of a single sphere , hollow , within which there was the sun to heat and light an advanced civilization .
The theory was resumed in the early 1800s by Captain J. Cleves Symmes of Ohio , who wrote several 300,000 in action.
scientific societies " to the world : I declare the earth is hollow and habitable within, that he was a number of spheres solid , concentric , one inside the other , and it is open at the poles with an extension of 12 or 16 degrees " . The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia is still today a wooden model of the universe created by him . According to Symmes , the North Pole and South Pole were two openings leading into the interior world ; to identify them , the man tried to raise funds for an expedition to the polar regions . The idea was taken from a newspaper editor , Jeremiah Reynolds , who had made all efforts to start the expedition at the expense of the American state and invested $
At the end of the century , the theory of Cyrus Reed Teed returned some , the concept of which what we think is the sky is actually a mass of gas that fills the inside of the globe, with some areas of bright light ( sun and moon and stars would not be some celestial globes , but visual effects ) . It was argued in the nineteenth century mathematicians , Teed 's theory was difficult to challenge , because it was possible to design a convex surface on the concave surface of the Earth without noticing too many discrepancies .
The theory that the Earth is a solid sphere but is hollow , and the opening to the inner world are poles . These " gates " were multiplied in time , due to geographical diversity , therefore the poles were added to the caves in the South American jungle , mountain Meltpego Punson Tibet , Stonehenge , England Mount Shastra in California. Currently, this theory has passed the threshold is described as a great source of wisdom , perhaps because modern people do not want to believe in dreams, but want to touch , see, especially to find out exactly what benefits can bring any new discovery , weighed in terms of material . Hollow Earth theory that age contrasts with the lack of concrete information about this topic , has led many to speculate that this is actually the source of the existing government secretly . Staying in the same area , the conspiracy was put in touch with the others, including the Aryan race which continues to develop and the staged death of Hitler , well- healthy living deep within the Earth .
In the West, the idea has got wings in 1628 , when Edmund Halley testified : "I believe that the Earth is composed of concentric spheres, like a Chinese puzzle box. These areas sustain life and are bathed in eternal light." In his view, the aurora borealis was caused by gas escaping from inside the thin crust. Starting from Haley, John Simms developed around 1800 new theories of emptiness." Haley was right about concentric spheres, but said openings at the poles.Ocean flows to and from these openings and there is no doubt that there are also people inside the Earth ."
The new theory came to a proper historical background , when scientific discoveries were in full swing. At the time, U.S. President John Quincy Adams approved a sea expedition to be led by Charles Wilkes . Americans pride themselves on the first mission dedicated to locating and exploring Earth's vast interior . The President was more than happy to fund this unique journey in the hope that America will be assigned the greatest discovery since its discovery itself . Brave journey aimed to reveal places that nobody had ever seen , even though everyone was talking about them for hundreds of years . This expedition was to play an important role for science because even if Earth Interior remained an unknown sailors brought back important materials for geology , botany , zoology , anthropology, which subsequently led to the necessity of a foundation . At least three of the scientists onboard received international recognition in scientific circles as a result of their discoveries.
In 1906 , William Reed Teed publish his " ghost poles ," which explains why the poles were located : the simple fact that they do not exist . In his opinion, the generic name of "poly " meant , in fact , into the interior of the Earth . Another author , Marshall B. Gardner published a book entitled " A Journey Inside the Earth " , in which the extreme push this belief : "I found that previous theories are somewhat on track but as an addition , I believe that Earth's interior is illuminated by the sun which is about 600 miles in diameter, and holes at the poles are definitely more than 1,000 miles in diameter . " The subject was not new . Before him there was another " visionary " who share the same idea eccentric , Cyrus Teed . In 1897 , he asserted : " We actually live inside the Earth , in the inner surface of the crust . In the void are the sun, moon , stars , planets, and comets . There is nothing outside. Interior is everything ." The idea may seem a little aberrant to modern astronomers that we discover new galaxies millions of light years away . However, in the 40s in Germany were many theorists .
To develop this theory , namely, that we live inside a sphere less artificial ... imagine that would be true . Why
not, I could ask ... Spaceships sent beyond Earth people would know the truth , but they are controlled by some government agencies would have every incentive to hide reality .
If our sky " infinity" is nothing but a hologram ? If the moon is nothing but a gigantic spaceship , moving 24 hours a day, 7 days out of 7 ? If the sun is nothing but an inner star and the rest of the planets are but much smaller spacecraft much closer than we think , we monitor ? If everything we see in telescopes is nothing else than what we show hologram in the program of " Matrix" ? By who ? Who is interested in maintaining this illusion ?
One theory says that connect the beginning of mankind , the moon does not exist at all . We say this ancient writers Democritus and Anaxagoras ; Aristotle writes that the Arcadia (Greece ) , before being inhabited by the Greeks , was inhabited by Pelasgians , who occupied these territories before the sky to be Luna ! For this reason , the Pelasgians were also called " proselenes " meaning "before the moon ". Apollonius of Rhodes writes that there was a period in which " they were not all heavenly bodies in the sky , before the Danai and Deukalion races existed when there were only Arcadians before the Moon in the sky existed ." Ovid wrote that " Arcadians possess their lands before the birth of Jupiter , because the nation is older than the moon " and Censorinus stated that " in the past no moon in the sky " .
So a lot of myths , legends and stories tell us that the moon does not exist in the sky ; it seems that it would have appeared after the Great Flood. So here might conclude that the Moon may have been inserted into the hollow of the earth , just to monitor ; Luna gives us dreams and nightmares night we "suck " and vital energies.
In 1913, Rudolf Glauer founded the Thule Society , which adhere to lugul time many political-military secret societies . The mythological mix it in tissue around his company has attracted a lot of Germans, enthralled by the hypothesis of a hidden realm where the world springs wisdom and purity . In conclusion, Thule was populated by magical creatures , initiated by the aliens, and their descendants were none other than the Aryans . The pure offspring were obviously Germans and their mission was to inherit the power of the ancestors and to use their advanced knowledge . Germans were so convinced of the authenticity of their roots , that one of the theoreticians of the Nazi party , Alfred Rosenberg, was to declare in 1946 : "Everything started with this company. Secret teachings that I received there helped us and more better than our divisions SA and SS to conquer power . Thule Society founders were some genuine magicians . " Dogma that company would be based in Germany bare earth movement initiated by Airman Peter Bender. In his opinion , the Earth had no external face because it was a rocky hole in a universe that stretches to infinity.
Although it seems hard to believe, impossible this fantasy is directly proportional to its followers , including senior officers and aviation and marine . It was not long until Hitler himself would embrace the idea of bare earth . In 1942 , at war , Hitler ordered a secret expedition . The idea that Bender 's ideas were true , then the Germans could spy on British army without it have no idea . Accompanied by physicist Heinz Fisher, soldiers landed on the island of Rugen in the Baltic Sea.
After some sources , the theory was taken seriously by senior Nazi officials followers occult sciences , and in some circles it is considered that the German navy would be allowed to establish with more accuracy the positions of British ships - because , if it could be used infrared , bending Earth would have obscured . Hitler would have sent an expedition to the Baltic island of Rugen , and here a Dr. Heinz Fischer trained a telescopic camera to the sky to spot the British fleet sailing inside the convex surface of the hollow Earth . It is said even that was missed some shootings V1 calculate precisely because trajectory assuming a convex rather than concave surfaces .
If the Earth were hollow , the reflection of radar waves propagate in a straight line will provide images of distant points located on the inner . It was a military plane to find the enemy position . Needless to say this did not happen only in their imagination . Developed amid instability and insecurity own Germany in those days , location inside a bare ground had also another psychological effect , as Jacques Bergier and Louis Pauwels highlights " hollow Earth theory gave human beings the feeling of being wrapped , closed protected as a fetus in the womb . " After Hitler's death , many did not want to believe in the end of one of the most banal great destinies of mankind, therefore they were convinced that he did not commit suicide but that , along with his aides , slipped into the depths of the Earth where they all lived happily ever after .
The idea of a unique world of ardent minds of many adventurers . One of them went on with this research . Dr. Raymond Bernard wrote the book " The Hollow Earth " , after which initiated the construction of settlements in South America , determined to discover the possible inputs that we engage in life's journey . Later, he disappeared without a trace in one of the caves Amazon and his followers were convinced that reached its goal. So be it ?

Byrd's name is related to the discovery of bare earth . An avid explorer , he participated in research assignments both in Antarctica and in the Arctic, events have provided a new impetus Hollow Earth theory . Initially it was thought that his expedition will end once and for all these fantasies but finally things settled otherwise. Documents related to these quests , and Byrd 's diaries were submitted later in the annals of the University of Ohio . The fact that one of the missing logs , generated a net of intrigue around . That , and the fact that Byrd referred to Antarctica as " Earth Eternal Mystery " and noted : "I would like to see the land beyond the North Pole . Zone beyond the pole is the center of the Great Unknown ." This evidence was more than sufficient for those who believe in the theory.
Operation Highjump , initiated by the U.S. government in 1946, he was carrying on Admiral Byrd . The stated purpose was to explore the Antarctic area of geographical , geological , hydrographic conditions to test electromagnetic area to strengthen the sovereignty of the United States in the area and to test the reactions of the human body in extreme conditions. The mission was cut short in February 1947 , six months earlier than originally scheduled date , without any acceptable explanation .
Just keeping the mystery of the true motivations have opened Pandora's box . The alleged lack of Admiral log events included even in February , but the words scrawled on the paper were too harsh for sensitive ears of mankind. A version of this journal unauthenticated circulating on the Internet , and here recounts in detail Byrd expedition which went over the ice , to a green land , where he was greeted by people blond friend who drove him to master. Follows a philosophy and life lesson that one called Master will provide human Byrd . The lesson learned , and he climb aboard his craft and returns to the frozen lands in the midst of humanity is heading towards extinction . What is not mentioned here is that the month of February in the Antarctic is so tough in terms of weather conditions , that a research mission here means lost time and resources , and a flight is downright impossible.
In an article in The New Scientist, scientists are invited to give their expert opinion on this issue . They agree that if the Earth would be empty , mankind would be in danger of suffocation , thirst , drought , famine , frost and finally sinking. Even in this order . A hollow Earth would not have enough mass to sustain the existence of the air by the force of gravity and surface water would evaporate . Also , there is a magnetic field generated by the Earth's liquid iron core . Compasses would not work , and some migratory birds would be totally bummed regarding orientation . But that would be the least care . In the absence of an atmosphere , radiation from space would not encounter any barrier , and life on Earth would not have a chance. There would be no volcanic activity and no sign of lava . And especially a bare earth would have a mass of 5 x 1022 kg , which means only a small fraction of its real .
Hollow Earth theory beyond debate that it has generated , the horny minds of writers and , especially , gave only a good material to be exploited . Therefore, many who crave to believe in this theory have used these products literature and fiction to give credibility to their beliefs , covering practical way backwards . Some important cultural figures who wrote The Hollow Earth is HG Wells , Aldous Huxley, Herman Hesse , Edgar Allan Poe , Edgar Rice Burroughs and perhaps the most famous work of all, that of Jules Verne , " Journey to the Center of the Earth " .
Our sun inside is made of cold fusion ?

Some scientists consider " cold fusion " as a pseudo - science. But many countries in the world are investing significant sums in studying this concept. Some scientists have even already discussed the possibility that cold fusion to occur within the Earth ; eg P.Palmer , a geophysicist known already suggested this. Helium-3 , which comes from the Earth , has been considered by some as an indication that cold fusion could take place deep inside the Earth . Would not it be possible that our sun inside has also been produced by " cold fusion "?

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