Who opposes the NWO is removed?

William Cooper, a US Navy officer, was assassinated by the US government, after the revelations made about the Illuminati and the New World Order World Government, UFOs, terrorism and organized crime laws and Big Brother police state! Bill Clinton: "William Cooper is the most dangerous man alive!"

Milton William "Bill" Cooper (b. May 6, 1943 - d. November 6, 2001) was an officer of the US Navy until 1975. He also worked in aviation until 1965. After he left the system began people talk about a lot of world government conspiracy or rather, the Illuminati.

The revelations
about the Illuminati, the World Government, terrorism, UFOs and more!
In 1991, William Cooper published the book "Behold a Pale Horse", in which he warned people about a lot of global conspiracies, some even involving aliens. In the book talks about fighting the Illuminati globalists or to establish, by all means possible, World Government and New World Order.

He warned, everything in this book, the fact that the Illuminati will create viruses in the laboratory to spread to reduce world population that will create vaccines and other medications for the same purpose, but also a complete chemically transformed food, as we see and feel today.

He never was a "prophet" but knew that preparing Illuminations, because only worked in the Intelligence system of the Illuminati. Cooper talked about people and organized crime and terrorism - all created and funded by the US - to have Big Brother reason to introduce laws which restrict civil liberties and ban the possession of weapons by civilians.

In the same book, explain how the US government through the CIA, FBI and other intelligence services will encourage drug use, trafficking of arms, rock heavy metal, pornography, homosexuality and other ideologies that young people are already unbalanced and good to use globalist agenda in development.

Cooper states that intelligence will create all sorts of terrorist attacks to convince the public to give up civil liberties, and the right to own guns, while the state police will become increasingly more powerful and militarized exactly what is happening today in the US.

Regarding UFOs and extraterrestrials, Cooper caused astonishment in UFO circles when in 1988 he publicly stated that he saw secret documents of the US Navy, where he served as Force officer. These documents describe the US government relations with various species of aliens who visited Earth.

He accused Dwight D. Eisenhower that negotiated the treaty with extraterrestrials in 1954, then established an inner circle who manage relationships with them and keep their presence secret as public opinion. Cooper says what is true, he talking about Majestic 12 organization, created after the collapse of the famous UFO at Roswell in New Mexico ("Roswell case"), in 1947.

MAJESTIC 12 were members of the Organization of scientists, military leaders and government officials. This organization was created by a direct order of US President Harry S. Truman. The purpose of this committee was to investigate UFO activity after case has Roswell.
Cooper said that some aliens have manipulated the human race through various secret societies (Babylonian Brotherhood of the Snake, Royal Houses earthly Knights Templar, Freemasonry, magic, witchcraft and the occult).

That's the Illuminati secret history of the Sumerian period, then passing to the Babylonian these reptilian bloodlines publicly known as "royalty" to have reached full power on this planet.

Cooper spoke of "Illuminati" whom he described as "a secret organization controlled by the Bilderberg Group, which conspired with the Knights of Columbus, Masons, Skull and Bones (Skull and Bones), and other occult organizations.

"Ultimately," said Cooper, "it was and is to create a New World Order with a totalitarian world government." He talked about the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy, accusing assassination limo driver and not a sniper. In fact, it even says David Icke developed in his work, "The Biggest Secret", and Jan Van Helsing in the paper, "Who Rules the Planet" vol. 2

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