Mystery of Mount Kailash

In the remote Tibetan plateau at the border between Nepal and China, from which spring the longest rivers in Asia, guarded by deep lakes, rises, mysterious, massive Kailash. Considered sacred in religions Asian peoples, he is considered the gateway to Saturday invisible realm of the great sages. According to modern assumptions, the mountain as a pyramid built thousands of years ago by civilizations unearthly. Between geographical position and the other pyramid construction mysterious places on the planet, there is a stunning symmetry. It says here they hide impenetrable mysteries of the planet. Maybe just to protect those secrets, Mount Kailash does not allow people to be conquered.

Gods saw not allowed

"No mortal ever be allowed to walk atop Mount Kailash, where, among the clouds, is the abode of the gods. He who dares to start the top of Mount holy and see the faces of the gods will be put to death!" - states almost all ancient Tibetan writings. However, in recent decades, several teams of climbers, ignoring this warning, proceeded up the mountain, in the bold attempt to conquer one of the most mysterious edges of the world. It seems unbelievable, but all those who have started rising faced with sudden changes in weather greeted the route almost impassable obstacles, mysterious lived experiences, all these unexplained
phenomena prompting adventurers to backtrack .
In the 20s of last century, British climbers Hugh Ruttledge and RC Wilson made the first expedition to Mount Kailash, each based on a different route. Ruttledge was convinced that he could climb toward the peak on the northern side of the mountain, but once you're at the bottom, discovered variant chosen disappointed that it was extremely difficult. However, despite adverse weather conditions, climber continued eastward route and, finally, found an access route to the mountaintop. It was already too late, however, unexpectedly low temperature for this time of year horizon is covered by mist, and Ruttledge was forced to return to base.
The same experience has encountered strange weather and Colonel Wilson, who set out on the opposite side of the mountain, the southwest. Just when I discovered an easy walk to the summit of the mountain, heavy snow began to fall, making the ascent impossible.
A few years later, Herbert Tichy Australian geologist and mountaineer regional leader asked permission to climb the mountain. It is said that he would be refused, saying: "Only an absolutely sinless man could climb Mount Kailash. And such a man does not exist on Earth! For every mortal mountain walls are like crystal, it has to fly to the top, to be able to reach the summit. "
In 1980, the Chinese government gave the famous Reinhold Messner called "the climber with two hearts", the opportunity to start rising for the conquest of Kailash peak. For unknown reasons, Messner abandoned the idea at the last moment. It is said that the german would have changed the decision, being warned that this attempt could have adverse consequences upon him. Also in the 80s, a group of American tourists has ventured into unconquered mountain climbing. Total physically unprepared and poorly equipped, and their attempt was unsuccessful. But the end was to come a few years later, when, according to local legends, American climbers, aged about 30 years, as old overnight. They had grown unnaturally long nails and hair turned white you in two weeks!
A mystery beyond human understanding

Although the leak fastest time phenomenon has been studied by many researchers could not yet provide any scientific explanation. The only explanation is found all Tibetan writings, which said that the mountain is protected by superior forces that have the power to alter reality and time. In this context, we can not but wonder whether these legends have some truth somehow! How else could explain the testimonies of dozens of people near the mountain tell that they felt powerful energies and had mysterious experiences? "I experienced climber, I made dozens of expeditions to peaks of the Himalayas, but what we have lived in this mountain climbing beyond my understanding," Russian climber Sergei Cistiakov story in 2007, after the incursion, also failed on Mount Kailash .
"When we approached the foot of the mountain, my heart was pounding. I was in front of the sacred mountain, Mount which says it can not be beaten. I felt feeble in front of his greatness and I was afraid that I would be I, like my predecessors, defeated by his magic. After I started the ascent, both I and other members of our team, we started to complain of severe headache pain. We thought that they were caused by lack of oxygen, given that we are already at a relatively high altitude. A few hours later, strange sensations intensified. Our legs heavy as lead, and I could barely crawl them. I felt extremely emaciated and suddenly I became captivated by the thought that I do not belong on this mountain, it must necessarily come back! Although the idea was well formulated in my mind, my mouth was clenched. I wanted at all costs to give notice of colleagues my decision to turn back, but I was completely helpless. As soon as we started the descent, I felt liberated. My body was eased muscles were freed, I felt like the walk of weightlessness. A strong energy, beneficent over me. Despite the failure, I felt happier than ever! "- Then tell climber.
Only a few days after returning from the mountain, Sergei Cistiakov learned with astonishment that the folklore there is a legend that says send the spirits of the mountain the man who dares to walk on its ridges silencing, clenching language. "I am convinced that the warnings of Tibetan writings are not mere figments and the experiences that dozens of climbers have experienced over the years are not just coincidences! There are too many indications signal that here lies a mystery whose understand, most likely a man is not yet ready to understand! "

The entrance gate on Saturday

Since ancient times, the massif was revered by all peoples of Asia, is considered sacred to four religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and shamanism. According to cosmological myths of these religions, Mount Kailash is the "Axis Mundi" center of the universe, the birthplace of the world and the link between Heaven and Earth. In Hinduism, Mount Kailash is considered to be the abode of Shiva, god of destruction, seen as a positive force, because in destroying the Hindu religion is a natural consequence of creation. In Buddhism, Buddha lives here and in Jainism, on this mountain, Rishabh, the creator of religion, achieved moksa,
enlightenment, and liberation.
According to modern theories, Mount Kailash as hollow and would represent gate on Saturday, the land where the great sages governing the world. At least so says Professor Ernst Muldashev Russian, ophthalmologist, known in Russia for his forays unusual in Tibet. A few years ago, Muldashev, along with several specialists in geology, physics, and caving, made an expedition to Tibet Plateau in an attempt to decipher the mysteries of Mount Kailash. For several months, they stopped at the foot, studied and mapped the area, collected legends and unique testimonies about phenomena that occur around the mysterious mountain. "The silence of the night was often strange gasping sounds that could be heard in the belly of the mountain. One night, both I and my colleagues, I distinctly heard the noise of a falling stone that undoubtedly came from the somewhere interior. I am convinced that Mount Kailash is a natural geological formation, but a pyramid in ancient times carried the unsuspected mysteries lie hidden "Ernst Muldashev story.
However this assumption may seem fanciful, it has been confirmed by geologists who have studied the topography and structure of the mountain. They testified that the massif has a pyramidal shape and, like other large pyramids of the world has side facing the four cardinal points. Moreover, according to the hypothesis controversial Russian scientist, altitude mountain would vary from year to year, but as of 6666 its average meters. Between altitude mountain, North Pole, South Pole, the whole mysterious Neolithic Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids of Egypt, there is a correlation and an amazing similarity. It seems that the distance between Mount Kailash and monument at Stonehenge would be 6666 kilometers. The same figure a meet again between Kailash and the North Pole, while to the South Pole are 13 332 kilometers, twice the original number. Numerology claims that 6666 is the number that symbolizes absolute and that it can not accidentally be encoded in Mount Kailash enigma.

In recent years, more and more talk about the theory that, millennia ago, Earth had been visited by an unknown civilization which would have left a strong imprint in the history of mankind. It is assumed that mysterious assemblies of the world, such as the monument of Stonehenge, the pyramids of Egypt or South America would have been built under the supervision and guidance of these unearthly civilizations. Ernst Muldashev maintains that Tibet Plateau pyramid is at the center of these buildings, which is huge interconnected by underground tunnels. "Maybe Siva, Rishabh Tirthankara or other gods whom I firmly believe that the Tibetans living in the mountain Kailash were only beings on other planets that had the technology to build such impressive structures."

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