The beneficial role of caresses

"Who among us has not felt alive once beneficent warmth of hugs? A few gentle taps and for a few moments, we feel free from tension and bad thoughts. A strange alchemy makes a simple clamping arms affectionate trigger again in us joy and lust to live. Is it embrace more than that? That is a question that, in the last decade have begun to ask themselves and Western therapists. If a gentle caress or a massage can do so much Well, it would be beneficial to the power used in healing touches and certain diseases? ".

In the 80s, resuscitation wards for premature babies in the US operate an untouchable rule: no one, neither parents nor medical support staff, not being allowed to touch children in incubators. And yet, despite ultra sterile environment and a rigorous control of all parameters of temperature, light, and food at milligram, it was often babies to refuse to develop. They refused to grow! Until one day when impressed by cries a little, a nurse dared to break the rule, sliding two fingers in the incubator slot that stroked slowly back. In the hours that followed, the devices record parameters have changed totally. Not just the gesture of tenderness the baby quieted him, but inexplicably triggered growth process again.
Intrigued, researchers in the laboratory emergency last. At Duke University, in North Carolina, Professor
Saul Schanberg and his team have started an experiment on mice offspring. Separating the mother after birth, showed that in the absence of physical contact, the gene which allows growth ceases to be felt. Instead, when his assistants answered the cries for help from the chickens, imitating, by means of a wet tongue caresses the mommy-mouse gene reinstated. Laboratory results have convinced researchers one thing done with tenderness and with good intentions, achieving it has healing powers, even as it stimulates vital forces in the core cell.
The experiment was carried on by Professor Richard Davidson. That some hugs do well become a certainty. What of them only gives them some healing power remains a mystery. He noticed, all by procedures, that our behavior forever full of projections and expectations keep us in a state of permanent stress. Between emotions, stress, thoughts, concerns and weakening the immune system was an unbreakable bond. The anguish and care for tomorrow collapsing effectively immune curtain. Hugs formal charge people's discontent and frustration did not alter the test parameters while hugging lovingly made serene and happy people managed to restore a favorable alkaline pH wellbeing of the whole body. In 1992, in order to enhance research, Davidson decided to approach the Dalai Lama and Tibetan monks. Intuit that, with them, practicing meditation and him aware, things will clear. And the answers were not slow to appear. He understood that prayer, meditation, positive thinking, good intention brain greatly influences our work and hence the path of neurotransmitters, on the whole body. Through prayer and favorable own thoughts, our body is loaded miraculous powers that can do good to others. Acting upon the reverse direction from us, we can trigger the healing forces of his body.
In other words, every time we touch a person with love, tenderness, kindness and compassion in it trigger chemical reactions that restore the immune system and balances the entire body, causing a state of favorable healing. Touching is not only gentle and soothing but can be a remarkable drug. It reminds us we're not alone in the world and that's great generosity, God has given us and to cure the arms around us. When a hug is so handy, why I reject all the good it brings?

Strength touches
In 2009, Saul Schanberg and his team at the University of North Carolina systematized and published his studies highlighting the benefits of tapping into different diseases. I summarized some for my readers.

Reduce anxiety
Hugs and comforts offered institutionalized elderly in homes for the elderly, mentally ill persons or pregnant women have generated significant reduction state of agitation and anxiety and induce a state of calm, friendly heart rate.

Produce state of hope and optimism for cancer patients
Chemotherapy is applied to cancer patients in 85% of cases a detrimental effect on the way in which brain cells communicate with each other, triggering the patient and the condition of depression. Fueled by fear of death, depression itself generates a vicious circle. Without a good and balanced emotional state, the body can not be helped to heal, but this fragile balance is destroyed even treatments. Generously provided cancer patients, tender touches and hugs were able to combat the effects of chemotherapy on the mood.

Alleviates pain if operations
Laboratory measurements have established that therapeutic touch to patients who underwent surgery reduces pain caused by a 13 percent cut. Moreover, they have managed to extend the time until the patient requested a new dose of painkiller. Caresses and have proven their effectiveness in full and in people who have suffered 3rd-degree burns, scarring which hastened it.

Slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease
In 2002, a study conducted on a sample of ten people suffering from Alzheimer's or senile dementia aged 71 and 84, on which were applied therapeutic touches and caresses for seven minutes, two times a day, for
three days showed significant reduction of a specific disease state of agitation, better coordination of limbs, logic clearer communication, and improved short-term memory.

Reduces Migraines
Research conducted on 60 people of all ages regularly suffer from migraines showed that patients in the pain of those who were hugged and comforted head gently fell significantly from those in the other group. Moreover, well maintained through the first four hours!

Combat anemia
Hard to believe, but have proven hugs and anemia. In the body of patients who experienced gentle supporters during hospitalization, there was an increase in the level of hemoglobin in red blood cells.

Did you know that:
 * A man in love is more likely the woman targets if while dancing gently patted on the back or if, after the
first meeting, a warm and affectionate embrace?
* Waiters receive a generous tip if, when their clients face, touching her arm friendly? Surveys have proved
that the latter tend to consume more.
* Those attempting to hide a truth are tempted to succumb sincerity, then delivers it to him interested if taken by hand or gently touched his shoulder?
* The time a woman spends in store increases if, in trying to help her dress in the cabin, the shop reaches its client?
* A hug, a handshake and a friendly knock on the shoulder from someone with high social status (a movie star or a political personality) triggers the release of endorphins, synonymous with wellbeing?

* Achieving generate confidence? A doctor who gently touches the patient wins its determination to follow the treatment prescribed. The same happens in the case of teachers who, through a careful touch on the hand, can stimulate student motivation.

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