I will continue posting about the hidden power of jewelers in our lives and we will talk first about the rings given to men women without forgetting the contrary situation (despite its rarity) and numerous cases of autódaru ring, which by their number shows that, in terms of coquetry, men compete with women. In this first case, we can speak of an equation with three "unknown": the person who gives, welcoming ring and ring.
The power and magic nature, good or bad, depends on heavily ring identity of that it offers but especially in his feelings. If the man in question is the gesture with a certain indifference, who knows what intentions without seduction, magical power of the gift should, in principle, be very small compared to the person who receives it. Almost no danger would not hover over them, especially if the ring is made of quality metal. Instead, the giver put in a delicate situation because once receiving the gift, the woman gets some power over his powers increase since his placement on the finger, especially if welcoming soul awakens a feeling of love or even mere whim to dominate the courtier said. Against his will, he will find himself obsessed woman who previously flirted free, and if it is somehow related to another woman, that relationship will deteriorate.
Even so, the woman and she were in danger, because the ring can be loaded with evil powers of achieving other hands. For example, The seller from whom it was purchased unconscious envy the woman may feel spoiled with such a gift, especially when he is bought by an attractive man. Therefore, magic manuals recommend that before the ring to be worn, welcoming ritual to undertake the following: to ask a female relative (high confidence) to take the ring and put it in a glass of water, in which were thrown few crushed petals of a rose, and leave it there overnight. The next day, after dawn, the ring can be worn without fear, after finger that will be worn will be washed in the same water.
Powers are special ring when the man gives him wholeheartedly. As a sign of love, he has the same magical aura they have engagement rings. But the consequences are different depending on the woman's feelings. Received a woman indifference, he has the gift of perverse love enslave the poor and to challenge starts inviting dotted cruel dominatrix. This does not mean that itself will not support the magical effect of the ring when it bears with delight. Against his will, although no feeling will not bind the man who gave it, it will enter into a relationship of dependence on it, marked by the inability to bind lasting relationship with another man. If you do and imprudence to wear a ring simultaneously received at really loved her or her husband will give highly strained relationships with both men.

Cancellation Rituals magic ring

To stop the action of a magical ring is not enough for him not to be worn. Magical force ceases completely melted and only if the ring is made of it is another gem, you will not be, in any case, to wear the former owner or a blood relative. Simply be given to someone else or, better yet, sold. With this act, magic cycle ceases.
If the ring was given to a man who cherishes himself actually dislike or hatred of women that makes a gift, then, to remove its evil powers is not enough to melt but transforming into a cross which then will be buried in the grave of an ancestor. A dispensation effect can have magical powers and give those a beggar crosshair, but only one honest.
All these magical effects are even more powerful if the ring is offered at an anniversary or a birthday, as well as in days of great religious holidays. Usually, it is recommended that Christmas and Easter are not bestowed rings. Exceptions are engagement rings. But that is another topic of discussion, which brings to the fore other seemingly harmless magical powers of jewelry.

Until death do you part ...

The magic of marriage or engagement ring is almost or, respectively, impossible to loose. I have already suggested that in general not joke with such a gift. Especially not joking in the case of binds man and woman for good with a covenant and the covenant nobody can joke without being punished.
Engagement ring strongly binds souls partners, even if engagement is secret, even if it does not come true in a marriage. If engagement unfolds, simply wearing the ring when the decision to break the covenant was made even though only adverse effects. Since then, the spokesman or spokeswoman incur the curse each other for years and will feel dependent. Sleep will be disturbed by strange dreams and when someone else takes in his arms will feel heavy and full of reproach, reaching fiancé left. This happens regardless of who or what caused broken engagement.
Destruction does not ring off its evil magic powers. This time, it takes some more. The person who wants to escape the force of magic must lead a severe regime since chastity ring melting, pretended to be all on a cross, as in the case described above, and thrown into a river. In this way, he is cleared of any evil aura. In addition, former fiancé must not wear a ring on that finger for 667 days. Only then can be sure it was clear from the old engagement.
Broken engagement ring but not always evil. If termination covenant was made against the will of a person who knows he was loved and loved the pure in heart, ring protects the soul left alone, and if worn, and if it is only kept in secret, especially if the man or the woman was forced to restore the Engagement and parents to marry again with someone else.
Wedding ring binds two souls were worn beyond this life. There is no remedy against magical powers nuptial ring. And unworn, it remains on your finger as a mark of the covenant previously living. Magical effects, good or bad, depends only on nature and the soul previous marriage who took him. Naturally, the widow marriage ring has a beneficial force only if worn in conditions of chastity. Otherwise, it becomes a terrifying evil factor. In these sad circumstances, it is best not to be worn, but in no case be destroyed or concealed.

When not be given a ring

Never a blood relative and should not bestow a ring. By accepting and his behavior occur subconsciously, even after the act, such incestuous ties with the loathsome consequences. Also, when the ring is given by a man to another man is also the bearer of evil powers and is actually not a gift but a curse. Women should not take such gifts, but the danger is a more hospitable man.
No self-giving with a ring is not always good news, especially for women. In this case, it means engagement with coquetry and denial of true love, and while it is worn, a woman isolated on men who could love her, drawing her but others on the unscrupulous seducers .

Men, however, they can give a ring, but only one. Carefully chosen, he gives the wearer authority in relation to peers and some bad men offer insulation. "Carefully selected" means a precious stone and decorated with good luck. The ring that will bring bad luck if he is somehow engaged or married or if worn afterward. Men once engaged or married, are not entitled to wear the badge than these covenants. The consequences, good or bad, already mentioned and dependent only best choice. For as engagement and marriage are gifts. But they do destiny, that Someone who knows everything.

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