Strange heartless child

Nepal is a country in South Asia, in the heart of the Himalayas, located at the highest altitude. Nepal was the only Hindu kingdom in the world. During a scientific mission in Nepal, Dr. Singh had the opportunity to study a very mysterious child. Apparently it was a normal boy, but when subjected to X-ray examination, the researcher was surprised to discover that the boy did not have the heart or lungs. The child's chest was a large organ, which Dr. Singh did not know what to believe.
Villagers told that although it was quite small, this child had extraordinary physical abilities. Run very fast, climb trees with great agility and what was most strange was that when he felt pain struck. No villagers could declare that it has ever seen bleeding, although many locals saw with their own eyes that there were situations when the child's limbs were produced small scratches or cuts. But never blood. The child's mother said that in such circumstances the child is immediately attached meat and traces disappear completely within 24 hours.

At the time of its birth, the mother was a young woman of 15 who related that the father is a strange creature with pale skin, young and beautiful, which descended from the sky and then ascended to heaven. The woman testified that one day in the evening while looking for a lost goat flock that his parents, he spotted a river near a creature that seemed drawn from another world. Being face was turned toward the water, and the girl was close behind it to about 30 meters. The noise you made the running water was high enough to cover the girl's footsteps. At one time being the girl was returned without making any gesture or any sound escaping. The only thing he remembers face is that of being a pale face was in stark contrast with its eyes which were described as two ice caves dark green. These eye pupils were not brilliant but they looked like two holes inside.
While watching magnetized without the power to react in any way, the girl felt a warmth that enveloped from head to foot. After a few seconds, his legs ceased to feel the earth. He felt that floats without being able to move. At that strange being began to move towards it. When he got near her appearing stretched a hand without fingers and placed it on the head face. Then hand down her hair to the right shoulder, and a strange numbness swept the girl's head. The girl remembers nothing of what happened until the next morning. First memories are linked to that found himself in a clearing not far from his village, sitting on the grass without any clothes on it. In about 200 meters away from the strange being departing from clearing the direction the sun was just beginning to rise. When the girl was sat up coming back to her and described a semicircle in the air by hand without fingers. At that moment, a voice sounded like a string of commands in her head "You become a mother! For the first and last time in your life! Never break up the one you will be born! He will become your only purpose for being in this world! When the time comes he will leave without you ever see him again. "After a few minutes, the girl was able muzzy-headedness up and went to the village. Some villagers confirmed that this morning appeared in front of the empty village coming from the direction of that meadow.

She says that that day has never felt afraid of anything. Villagers tell that she often enter the forest without having even a stick in hand, however, beasts of the forest and did not attack her again.Dr. Singh has tried to take the child with him, but locals were opposed, saying it will not to offend those in heaven. An important role of the mother who had told the villagers that this child should not leave the village until the day when the time comes.As such, they could not make further investigations on the child.

This event confirms once again, if necessary, to the theory that beings whose origin can not be determined with certainty, we visit occasionally, sometimes leaving us and supporting evidence. Of course, they are only for those who want to see them!

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