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The same husband in a past life

In the last decade of the last century where husbands Johnson sparked a sensation in the former Soviet republic of Belarus, taking days at central headlines. The story began with Gerard Johnson, a common inhabitant of the city Philadelphia, United States. Since childhood Gerard felt a special attraction to everything that relate to "life after death". As a teenager, he has a firm belief that there is an "unexplained mechanism" by which experiences people can have effects beyond their physical disappearance. So when it came time to choose the path that will study chose without hesitation psychotherapy. The mysteries of brain function fascinated him. The day he learned that science today does not know even three percent of what it is capable human brain knew that this is the area that need to dedicate.
He loves everything paranormal means, after graduating psychotherapy hypnosis, he tried to prove that the human soul can incarnate several times and that certain memories of previous lives never erase from memory. The study results were beyond all expectations!
The first therapy session regression hypnosis performed them using as the subject of his wife, Lidya. At the
third meeting after managing to bring in a trance, she began to speak in an unknown language, recounting
what looked like a tragic event. Lydia's voice was astounding that turned into a serious, male. The woman was clearly pained but quiet. Suddenly, however, she started with the hands, head and screamed heartbreaking. Johnson was forced to pull away from trance prosper hard to comfort. Fearing that therapy does not have a negative impact on her mental state, the researcher decided to subject himself to the next experiment. So he turned to one of his professors in college who agreed to help to get hypnotic, Gerard Johnson began also to speak in an unknown tongue, but unlike Lydia, his voice was a typical female.
Both hypnosis audio were recorded on tape and subsequently submitted to several experts. Researchers have analyzed remained stunned: the couple had spoken the same language, Belarusian. Lydia gave his name as "Viktor" and told that he was "married" to a certain "Wanda" and Professor Johnson say "Wanda" woman who had a husband to "Viktor". Both were told that died the same day, March 22, 1943, burned alive.
Gerard could not understand how it was possible that the state of regression hypnosis to bring them both to him and his wife in the same place and especially on the same date. His first suspicion was that since he coordinated the meeting that his wife was exposed state of regression hypnosis, and that have all information about what his wife had relative was simply "charged" with this information which the influenced later in the meeting that he himself was subject.
He felt a terrible desire to try a new session, but the teacher assisting said that it is very dangerous for the brain to do two meetings at very short time intervals. As such it has to wait at least three months.
To find the answer to all its turmoil, Gerard Johnson has done as soon luggage, has drawn all the necessary formalities and to get on the plane and landed in the capital of Belarus, Minsk. He started to rummage through the papers and documents of the time, and not in vain. Very quickly, the American discovered that this time remained in the national history of Belarus as one terrible etched in the collective memory as the " Hatîn massacre '.
Hatîn from Belarus was a settlement with a population of 149 people. On 22 March 1943, the site was destroyed by German SS troops and collaborators from Battalion 118 Schutzmannschaft in retaliation for the help they had given to the partisans who fought against the Nazis villagers.
After the troops entered the village Hatîn, they blocked all roads. Battalion has formed in Kiev collaborationists Red Army deserters and former Soviet prisoners of war. The battalion leadership is former Soviet general staff Lieutenant Grigory Vasiura.
That morning, 6 km from the village, the partisans attacked a German military convoy and one of the officers had been killed. In retaliation for the death of Hans Woellke, former Olympic champion in Berlin (1936), it was decided Hatin killing villagers.
The entire population of the village - without exception: young and old, men, women, and children - were gathered in a barn of kolkhoz. Some children who tried to escape were shot. Some villagers were quite a few members of large families: Joseph and Anna Baranovsky with 9 children and Alexandr and Alexandra Novitki 7 children. Along with residents of Hatin have learned a villager from Iurkovici and a woman Kamenoi that were happening there.
Once the villagers gathered in the barn doors were shut. All around the building were piled straw and wood, they were sprayed with gasoline and set fire to them. The Wooden building was blazing fast. Under the pressure of those who are inside the barn doors were destroyed. Those with their clothes on fire tried to save themselves from the fire, were shot. In the building in flames destroyed the vast majority of villagers, including 75 children under 16 years. The whole place was also burned and destroyed.
Two girls, Maria Fedorovich, and Yulia Klimov managed to get out of the barn on fire and crawl to the forest, where they found the villagers in Hvorosteni Kamenskogo. Later, the village was burned by the Germans and lost track of the two girls.
Of the children who failed to get out of the barn, only two survived: Victor Jelobkovici (7 years) and Anton Baranovsky (12). Victor escaped under her dead mother's body. Anton, burned and wounded in the leg by a bullet explosive was found dead by the Germans. The two children were recovered by villagers from neighboring villages. After the war, they were brought up in an orphanage.

Among adult residents of the village, survived only blacksmith Joseph Kaminski, aged 56 years. Full of burns and wounds, he recovered from fainting late at night, after leaving the military police. The survivor was
shocked to find it right next to his son's body. They were used as a reason for the memorial monument.
In archives, blacklisting those killed, Gerard Johnson found the names of two people: Wanda and Viktor Iaskevici, 20 years young, apparently, newlyweds. They were the names that Gerard Johnson and his wife Lydia they uttered during hypnosis! American Psychiatric no longer any doubt: in the 40s of last century, he and Wanda were still husband and wife!

Gerard Johnson published his study in specialized journals both Russian and in the US, and the love story that crossed age impressed hundreds of readers. Later, American researcher revealed another thing, really amazing: his wife, Lydia, was still suffering from infancy to pyrophobia an overwhelming fear and inexplicable flames. Things become now clear, fear of fire Lydia had no reason other than that they are etched deeply in the memory of the tragic events that had occurred in a
previous life!

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