What happens when we see something we can not explain? Events odd visits possible extraterrestrial phenomena that we can not explain or unknown objects, make us believe that we are not unique to Earth.

In 1970, a British newspaper has received 800 letters from people who say they can not sleep, is irritable because of a hum, which I heard.
In the US, New Mexico, this phenomenon lasted for years, without being explained.

Another strange phenomenon is that mysterious lights are seen in certain locations around the globe. Illusions, mirages, aliens?

Since 1970 wheat crop circles were hysterical world. The only areas that were not discovered such phenomena as China and South Africa. Some specialists argue that these circles are made by people, others claim are genetic modification of wheat, others of course, talk about aliens.

The rains of fish and amphibians are known centuries ago. They are called Fortean phenomena in honor Fort researcher who dealt with this phenomenon for many years. The rains of fish, living or dead is recorded
today in many areas of the Earth. Some scholars are inclined to believe that wind effect that raises water from puddles and ponds. Inexplicable is the fact that these rains bring one species of fish or frogs?

If it was a result of the storms, the rains should bring at algae and grasses, waste and not just one species of amphibians. In 1994, filmmaker Jose Escamilla, watched some footage and found some cylinder-shaped objects flying in the sky. They seem to have five wings with which flying. Such objects or beings were discovered under water. If you are an animal species, why they have not been discovered yet?

In 1814, France did feel some mysterious clouds that have hovered erratically. For some thunder could be heard above them and at one point there was an explosion and turned into thousands of pebbles. These clouds are moving against the wind and leaves strange shadows on Earth.

Before the earthquake lights. These lights occur before an earthquake, an earthquake It is questionable whether related or produce a true hurricane lamp?
In 1966, when the first pictures of these lights that occur before an earthquake in Japan. Some experts talk about the electrical activity of rocks that causes these lights. Researchers could not give scientific explanations to this phenomenon.

Another unexplained phenomenon is related to animals encased in stone for centuries. What is strange is that these animals have been locked in stone hundreds of years, because this is the period of formation of a stone. Once released from stone, these animals begin to breathe and escape. How could the animal to survive millions of years in stone?

On an area of 450 square kilometers in the Nazca desert are drawn figures of animals, plants, human figures.
It is believed that these figures were achieved in the period between 500 BC 500 AD, but no one knows what purpose they were made.
Some researchers claimed at one point that the figures are part of an astronomical calendar. Later they abandoned this theory.

Another unexplained phenomenon is spent in 1908 in Tunguska, Siberia. A fireball fell, destroying forest a few hundred kilometers. The impact with the ground caused a noise that was heard thousands of kilometers. The force of the explosion was estimated to be 2,000 times greater than the Hiroshima bomb.
The mystery surrounding this phenomenon continues today. Some believe it was a meteorite, like an alien spaceship or Tesla's experiment. Traces of meteorites have been discovered in the area.

In Long Island are witnesses who speak of clouds spit. Globe lightning is a rare phenomenon. Globe floating after exploding and hear a sound.

In 1984, during a flight, the plane appeared such a bright globe. He floated several minutes, then went out through the nose. Do not leave any hole in the fuselage.

Canneto di Caronia in town, Sicily. It is an event that combines intelligence celestial observers, strange phenomena. In this area it happened more than 360 unexplained events. People see strange phenomena daily. From the color of the sky objects that float on the water surface, circular objects that cross the surface of the sky, strange characters appearing on screen phones, household objects that open and close by themselves, fires, spontaneous combustion cases.

There is a bank with edifying pictures, on which specialists silent.

Stones weighing over 25 kilograms were moved in seven years, 200 meters. The movement is done especially in winter. Nobody was able to observe the movement. This is happening in Death Valley in California.

Millions of butterflies in North America carry 2,000km to the south to avoid winter. In 1976, a group of researchers followed the group of butterflies and found that they crossed 15 mountain peaks to shelter in a forest in Mexico.

Researchers could not give an answer to how to get the butterflies are moving there. Some argue that they are guided by the sun.

In the early 90s in Alaska it happened at least bizarre phenomenon. The whole earth was stained orange. Researchers could not give a plausible explanation.

Cricket stays underground until age 17. Then it resurfaces when to mate. He died a few weeks later. Somehow they manage to stay underground for 17 years.

In many places around the world arose huge craters. Earth crumbles, without explanation, giving rise to huge craters.

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