Hidden History of the Human Race - 1

In the last century, scientific advances were so great that emerged from the research opinions according to which a non-human intelligence was involved in providing discreet but crucial information which led to many great scientific discoveries. However, with the totally strange, regarding the origin of the breed we are part of human thinking remained anchored in the two antagonistic concepts: creationism and evolutionism.
Unfortunately, this creates dualism still very much confusion in the minds of school children which says we evolved from apes that, and religion tries to convince them that we come from primordial pair all, was the creation of divinity.

Thus, officially accepted scientific concepts, the species homo sapiens, of which we are a part, was split among the natural evolution of monkeys, about 250,000 years ago. It is considered that primitive man that existed then gradually evolved towards more advanced stages of civilization, now reaching about 10,000 years to achieve early forms of agriculture.
In other words, so far 10 000 years, for 240 000 years individuals evolved from apes lived in various locations on the planet rules that are found still in the animal kingdom. Identifying a territory that provides them with food and water, its claim to himself or at most to members of their family unit, procreation and raising new generations until each is ready to face the rigors of life.
Identifying a territory that provides them with food and water was a very important skill because those individuals do not put absolutely any problem to do something to their food. So they took only what they offered "land", fruits, seeds and other plants. For "resources" to reach that land for a longer period of time, it was very important that anyone who tried to use these resources is promptly removed.
For the equation to be complete we must say that all this happened over a very long period of time (about 240 000 years) over which the planet has gone through several glaciations (from 7 to 11 in number) , during which all resources are severely limited. Even more than that , throughout this period, there were a lot of cataclysms that could lead to the extinction several times life on the planet. Remember about breakouts mega volcanoes all over the planet (now 75 000-80 000 years), falls of meteorites giant (now 35 000 - 40 000 years) or the huge storm electromagnetic Sun. who released quantities unimaginable infrared ( there is currently very little information about the periods in which these storms occurred). All this led to fierce worsening living conditions for all creatures and plants on the planet. In fact, a large number of species have already lost. In this highly unfavorable context, hominids coming from monkeys remained tributary to the life rules that we made previously. Nobody and nothing could do to get out of this "pattern".

And suddenly (of course, in geological terms) about 10 000 years ago these beings began to feel the need to live in communities. Restricted at first, but increasingly developed later. And everything was a spontaneous impulse to try to farm. Seemingly trivial, this is one of the most important paradigm shifts in the history of this breed. Undoubtedly many periods of adversity taught them to make supplies. Defenders of evolutionary theory would say, of course, that among these undercurrents supplies and seeds germinate accidentally dropped on the ground, giving the idea of revelation needed to farm. Only what they overlook is that those individuals for plant growth were a given, they had no interest to watch how the wind carries seeds and how this phenomenon occurs after the plants they ate. As such, they had no such connection between the seed that fell on the ground and plant emergence. That would have involved a long monitoring process and they had no reason to do that, because they lived by simple rules, as we have shown.

So this is what modern science tells us about the appearance of the human race on the planet.

The creationist theory I will not make any comment because the Bible is the most read book on Earth.

Today, however, there are very serious arguments, supported by concrete material evidence, which indicates that our planet very advanced civilization existed in the periods that far exceed these benchmarks official in ancient history. There are opinions according to which mankind is the fifth civilization. Naturally the question arises: What happened to the other? Maybe they left the planet at the right time, maybe living on the planet or perhaps simply disappeared. The fact is that after their existence on this planet remained very much "evidence". Most probably have not yet been discovered. Many of them will probably never discovered. But there are some important artifacts that testify the hypothesis that the objects produced by a superior intelligence existed on Earth long before 10 000 years ago. Careful! I did not say that these objects have been produced on Earth. It is possible that they have been produced outside the land by civilization technologically advanced, and left on Earth after their visits to our planet. What has in common these artifacts is that they are suitable to be used by beings with our own characteristics (bipedal, lacking the ability to levitate without technological aid, operating under gravity on Earth etc).

I further highlight a series of such artifacts. But they are so unusual that they were referred to as "artifacts, anomalies" or "Out Of Place Artefacts" (OOPARTS), ie objects that have been discovered outside the place (in time and space) where it considers that it would be It was likelier to be found. Some scholars say that they simply "would not have existed" (according to the official line) since their dating indicates an age of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of years! They were discovered hundreds of objects of this kind, and many of them were even very carefully studied and documented.

One of the researchers who investigated thoroughly this field is Michael Cremo - Member of the Society of History of Science in the US and a member of the World Association of Archaeologists. Together with Dr. Richard Thompson - PhD in mathematics, he is the author of "Forbidden Archaeology - The Hidden History of the Human Race" (Archaeology Prohibited - Hidden History of the Human Race), a work that had a huge international success, being sold over 200,000 copies and translated into more than 20 languages. The book documents an impressive database that highlights that nine similar beings existed on Earth for the past hundred million years. The two authors argue that the official story is far from being true and accurate. They presented their research results including several televisions and radio programs, thus highlighting the conclusion that in the last 150 years have been systematically blocked by the current scientific establishment, multiple evidence clearly rebuts the accepted official conception of history. As it was expected, but these arguments were - and still are - considered outrageous by scholars who support conventional version of history. In fact, it is quite known in the academic report that such things bring disastrous consequences for a possible academic career. Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson still had the courage to confront dogma historic official and offered a series of arguments indicating that the world history and archeology today operates a sort of "principle filtering" of information, being selected to go public only the data that do not contradict accepted theories line. In one of his interviews, Michael Cremo asserts that a deeper analysis we can conclude that in fact all our values in life derives from the responses you give some basic questions such as "Who are we?" And "Where do we come ? '. He argues that it is very important to understand that the true origin of man is spiritual, each of us is essentially a pure conscience, but if people they would tell the public this, then they would not be willing to embrace the materialism, as they do now. There are strong financial and political interests - says Michael Cremo - which aim to keep people concerned only with the material aspects of the production and consumption of as many goods, citizens thus becoming increasingly robotic, to the benefit of handling such interests, ie governors, bankers, industrialists and even some members of the scientific establishment, which will be all things to remain as they are now.

Other researchers brave who dared to tell the truth, despite the disapproval and ridicule that came from the conventional scientific environment. Let's see some examples of this sensational research and discoveries completely non-conventional.

                                                          to be continued

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