Magic in the real world. Ornaments that we sit down with the finger innocence we often take in their mastery .. Giving or receiving a ring is an act happy or unhappy consequences that seem detached, often in story books.

Remember, of course, distant scenes from your childhood, when some innocent games were a mystery to them that trouble you. Among them are the ring and giving blades of grass tied on finger, which signified a small vow of fidelity. Without delving too deeply into the significance of the gesture their children gift tied on finger sensed that he has a magic substrate. So it is. Giving or receiving a ring is an act happy or unhappy consequences that seem detached, often in story books. A link between earth and sky.

Whether it is received as ornament or as a giveaway to mark a special connection or a special role, since starting to wear, ring seals our fate and soul. Therefore, it is not proper to regard such a gift lightly. Ring carriers should be aware that the role decorative ring is quite recent. He began to be a feminine adornment only in ancient China, but after millennia over which is assigned exclusively designed strong link between vehicle and someone or something. Even from the time you began to have a decorative role, while Chinese and attributed its magical function and, consequently, the beautiful Chinese women who could afford such a luxury not given to anyone rings and not only agreed to be trimmed a gem with protective powers, such as jade.
In Europe, the assigned ring and a decorative role only in the late Middle Ages. And here was preserved
belief that keep their magical powers ring as ornament. For some believers, ring-fingers Ornament princesses was the sign of a link with the Devil, because coquetry could only mean willingness to sin. Without entitles the Puritans, we have to keep in mind such an attitude, because beyond it there was an old tradition, a strong belief in the magical effects, good or evil ring. Engagement ring and chastity.

The first time was worn by women, without regard to symbolic wedding ring was the badge of royalty. But in this case, for the few women who were queen or queens in antiquity, it symbolized a link: gender-monarch and divine forces which gives it power. The royal insignia ring represented by the monarch, whether it was a woman, whether it was a man, had the power over his subjects, and the obligation to protect them from any harm. The ring symbolizes divine grace while they enjoy monarch, and his obedience to the gods. An extremely complicated relationship, by virtue of which it is unlikely that the wearer of the ring was in a situation so convenient, man today as he thinks. The monarch was burdened by the crown and ring linked by joints world. In relation to the gods, and he was a slave. Such a double value, the insignia of power and submission, has had a priestly ring, and the ring of marriage.
As an object with magical powers, the ring acts as an agent of a bond of obedience, and it is offered at other times than the official ones. In the game of giving and receiving of rings Men and women are equally involved and often magical force acting for a long time, evil or beneficial, depending on the situation, even after not hanging ornament. There are many important issues: how to quit wearing the ring, how long was worn, what feelings he tied the giver and receiver, what feelings she continues to unveil the law or what other people are involved in this game, sentimental and magic alike, as evidenced ring and what material it was made.
Once it is accepted, then wear the ring has not only the power to bind someone or something, but to isolate us. That should change fianc├ęs rings during the ceremony of marriage, has to do with this double meaning: in this way permanently binds the two together, the co-monarch and slave relationship with each other, and thus reciprocal possession obedience and isolated from others. Therefore tradition considers it a great sin to covet the woman (or man) to someone else, but greater is the sin of the man who made such a covenant, to be sensitive to male or female charm someone else. To sin is to think a thousand times worse if the person who makes wearing the wedding ring finger.
For hundreds of years, the rings is primarily an ornament and less a mark of marriage. If it depended solely on the institution of marriage, jewelers would have gone bankrupt long ago. But that did not happen because "institution" coquetry is extremely active and will remain so good weather, as we indicate Progress in the fashion industry. All these show us but we live in a world very sinful, how many followers you cry in the desert Puritanism. But it's a shame not to take into account the consequences that can bring dedication and receiving a ring.

                                                           …….. to be continued 

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