The mysterious clairvoyant Wolf Messing - I

Wolf Messing was one of the most enigmatic personalities of the twentieth century. He predicted the death of Hitler, Nazi Germany's defeat and the victory of the USSR in the Second World War. Its forecast breathtaking created a mystical aura around him which frighten and fascinate at the same time. With its phenomenal power of suggestion and mind control, he managed to escape Nazi death camps and Soviet gulags. Although its amazing capabilities have been studied by scientists from around the world, Wolf Messing has remained an enigma, a man-legend, known today as the most famous hypnotist and best telepath in history. All documents that had belonged FSB archive is today, and maybe one day will be declassified.

I'm Wolf Messing!
Moscow, November 1940. Time 9.50 am. Kremlin through the gate majestic fortress, guarded by armed officers, step firmly a small man with a modest appearance, even gray, but with a piercing look that betray a strong threads. The stunning walks past guards without being asked anything, and penetrate beyond the thick walls of red brick. Winding corridors of the palace are crowded with soldiers gun leg. Unknown individual passes by, as no one would notice. turns to the left, then right, up the stairs and within minutes reach the upper floor, where in the hall is the office of Comrade Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, supreme ruler of the Soviet Union. Arriving at the office door, he stops at the duty officer. It gushes standing at attention and saluted solemnly unknown, though it was a very important person. The man pressed the handle massive bronze, open the double doors and enter freely into office the most feared man in the Soviet Union. From behind the desk looked up and asked Stalin with a voice that reveals utter amazement: "Unbelievable! How did you get past all the guards and get up here?" "It's very simple, Comrade Stalin! I inoculated in all mind that I am Lavrenti Beria, the head of the police," the man replied with a smile.

Unknown individual who had managed to break through in minutes all filters control of the most heavily guarded fortresses of Moscow was none other than Wolf Messing, the famous clairvoyant. A few days before, had a meeting with Joseph Stalin, disbelief in his extrasensory powers, he has undergone a test: to enter without documents in the Kremlin and present his cabinet, fixed at 10 am the morning. Although an attempt was also equivalent to suicide, Messing immediately accept the challenge, responding with nonchalance: "I will execute your order and I'll show you that can penetrate the entire system of defense of the Kremlin! Because I'm Wolf Messing."

Wolf Messing But who was this mysterious character and how he had come to meet personally with the dreaded Stalin himself?
The story begins in September 1899 in Poland, in the town of Góra Kalwaria, which at that time was part of the Russian Empire. Hebrew merchant family Messing gave birth to a little boy is at first glance they all seemed very strange-eyed, color BLIGHT with black hair, often unusual for a newborn. Therefore receive the name of Wolf, German word that means "wolf". At age four, the boy began to suffer from somnambulism, a neurological disorder that is considered to be caused when the moon phases. He was often surprised family sitting in the window and sleep on the moon. One day, the parents told them that celestial orb is inhabited by strange beings who speak them. "They told me that I am not like everyone else. That to me is an incredible power hidden and they all inhabitants of heaven, I will help to reveal". Hearing horrors they mumble boy's father Wolf was thought that the best solution is to give to the religious school.

The disease night, Wolf was cured by a simple cure. His parents sat beside the bed a basin of water, so when you stand up, had to step into the cold water woke him once. Since early school years, Wolf has a memory prove that exceptional learning fast complex texts from the Talmud. The whole family can already see him as a future rabbi. But religious instruction was not to the liking of the child and, in one day, he decided to flee the seminar.

With only a few coins in his pocket, Wolf walked to the railway station and got into the first train that's come his way. He wanted only to sleep a little after the long and tiring that I had driven to the station. It is hidden under a bench and fell asleep at once. It was the decisive moment which marked their entire existence. Here, the wagon train that was headed to Berlin and was given his first Wolf discover its incredible power of suggestion, the ability to induce some people's thoughts. Ticket inspector saw him crouched under the bench and asked her ticket. Frightened, the boy looked around him and glimpsed a paper thrown away and a controller stretched silently saying: "This is my ticket." The conductor took the paper, a twist between your hands, and a compost them back like a real ticket, "What are you doing under the seat if you pass? There are places enough. In two hours we'll be in Berlin."
So Wolf arrived in the German capital, alone and without any help from anywhere. Followed days of heavy terrible hunger. The only way out was to polish shoes pennies passers-by, but the gain was so small that Wolf was always starving. Until one day, when his frail body gave way and collapsed on the pavement kid. Cops found and thought dead, is taken to the morgue. Three days later, by chance, a student discovers that the boy's heart still beats them. Returned to consciousness, he began screaming: "Why take me to the police or orphanage?".
 Professor Abel, a renowned neurologist who was called urgently to see the strange case looked bewildered and asked: "Why did you say that?". "Because you thought that even a few minutes ago," the boy replied. After a few days, Professor Abel finds even more amazement that Wolf, despite having suffered from a strong anemia, was able to regenerate the body alone, through their own will. German neurologist quickly realized that the boy has extrasensory abilities fantastic. And so, Wolf came to be known in the hospital as the "wunderkind".

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