Device to communicate with the dead

Devastated by the death of his daughter, Gary Galka, an electrical engineer claims to have succeeded in developing a device that can communicate with the dead.

One morning in 2004, on his way back from a party, Melissa Galka died in a car crushed by a tree found on the roadside. She was aged just 17 years and its disappearance was a huge tragedy for his family, being the daughter of the couple's eldest Gary and Cindy Galka.
A few months after the disappearance of the girl's family realized that their house are a series of events which are hardly able to find a reasonable explanation, and finally agreed that it could be Melissa spirit which seeks to convey different messages.
At first, the parents were terrorized by the spirit which seemed to regret the car accident and try to convey different two messages . They were physical because sometimes change their only TV stations, the light was extinguished and lit obsessively, or even various noises were heard in Melissa's old room.

As Gary explained, “the veil that separated the hereafter and our world quickly unfolded before us” as Melissa began to make her presence known through numerous ADC’s (after death communications) to Gary and his family.

Gary Galka is the President and CEO of DAS Distribution Inc. a 30-year-old technology leader in the field of Test and Measurement Products, Data Acquisition Systems, Sensors and & Inspection Equipment. Industries served include Optical Fiber, Medical, Aerospace, Automotive Industries and much more. Since 1982, DAS Distribution Inc. has provided educated and experienced application analysis as a foundation for providing quality, innovative and efficient solutions in an applied engineering capacity to his clients.

With so much pain in his soul which had not yet had time to fade in any way, and marked in the field of paranormal events that happen in their house, her father felt he must do something to learn what messages trying to convey her daughter.

Utilizing his 33 years instrument engineering experience, Gary, set out to design several devices as a way to interact and communicate with his daughter whom Gary says helped with the healing process. The most popular devices include The Mel Meter series which is named after his daughter ‘Mel’ and the model number is her year of birth 87 and her year of passing 04 – “Mel-8704″. Twelve different Mel Meter Models have been developed in the last two years directed at providing paranormal enthusiasts with a tool that is designed specifically to suit their passion in this field. Gary has also invented over a dozen other new innovative technology concepts, including the RT-EVP the world’s first Real Time EVP & Spirit Box combination Instrument, and the P-SB7 frequency sweep instrument. His devices are embraced and used by paranormal enthusiasts worldwide, including the popular TV shows, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Challenge, Ghost Hunters International, Psychic Kids, Haunted Collector, Destination Truth, Paranormal File Fact or Faked and many others.
Developing additional devices, such as a 'Spirit Box' , Gary has recorded his daughter saying, 'Hi Daddy, I love You.'
The Galka family insist that these experiences are real and that the instruments that electrical genius Gary has created prove it.
The entire family say that they have come into contact with Melissa, even seeing her appear inside their home.
'I've never seen Melissa,' said Gary.
'But my younger daughter Heather has seen her three times.'
Indeed, Gary's ghost detection equipment has found a niche market and the devices which are priced
between $79 and $350 have become successful.
'Nobody catered to these people before,' said Gary of weekend ghost hobbyists and even television shows such as Ghost Adevntures on the Travel Channel and Ghost Hunters on Syfy.
'We have all different Mel Meters to do research.'
'I've created over 30 different products for paranomal research. No one was making products for these people.'
Adamant that he and his family are communicating with Melissa, the whole experience has been cathartic for the Galka's.
'It has brought us so much comfort, love ones want to let you know that you are safe and that you are OK,' said Gary.

Gary has also appeared as a technical specialist on two episodes of Ghost Adventures, a judge on Paranormal Challenge and most recently revealed his ongoing ability to communicate with his daughter on a very special Ghost Adventures documentary style episode which proved to be the most popular GA episode in their eight years of filming. Since the show aired, Gary’s connection with his daughter Melissa has grown and developed to where Mel now facilitate and connect her Dad with other children and loved ones in the hereafter. Gary and his wife Cindy now meet with other bereaved families on a regular basis where complete conversations and messages are recorded and documented using the RT-EVP. These messages are provided to the parents in order to help them realize that their child or loved one is safe, which in turn helps with the healing process. Gary volunteers his time on a non-paid basis.
Gary and his wife Cindy donate a percentage of their sales to help these families through the following grief support organizations.

Though these stories seem drawn from science fiction books, Gary thinks his device operating at the optimum, more than that is able to speak every day with his daughter died. Interestingly, sometimes ghost can see his face so well with the naked eye.
The device is a true innovation in the field of spiritualism, because there are many devices on the market that claim to facilitate communication with the spirits of the dead, but essentially none provide the desired results.

If the engineer has managed to develop an electromagnetic device that can capture the sounds of the spirits of the dead, then perhaps we will see many other discoveries about the world beyond, where spirits live their existence after physical death.

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