In late October 2014, the community ufologist recalled an unsolved case, spent sixty years ago. On October 27, 1954, at 14.20, many residents in the town of Florence (Italy) and in neighboring towns have noticed that over their heads appeared some "bodies" strange glowing, white, sailing across the sky from one end to another, sometimes in pairs, sometimes grouped. Perform zigzag movements and then quickly away to the southeast. In a time were counted twenty, maybe thirty.

Artemio Franchi stadium in the city said the famous football club Fiorentina play a match against local rival Pistoiese. Ten thousand fans encouraged their favorites. But just started the second half, when over the stadium was left suddenly a strange silence - then a roar from the crowd has started to grow. Spectators do not watch the game, but they all looked up at the sky, pointing fingers. Players have stopped playing, and it remained motionless.

One of the footballers on the ground - Ardico Magnini - a former club legend who played for Italy at 1954.
World Cup story: "I remember everything from A to Z ... was something that resembled an egg moves slowly, slowly. Everyone looked up and also there was a kind of glitter descending from heaven, a silver glitter ... We were all amazed; I've never seen anything like never before. I was absolutely shocked. "

Beppe Chiappella former Fiorentina player said that two objects white go around at high altitude. "They came near Torre di

Maratona (70-meter tower on one side of the stadium), one behind the other ... It moved at a constant speed. Then one stopped in the middle. It was so much noise that referee was forced to stop playing for a few minutes ... At one point it looked like "flying saucers" take to Fiesole, but then changed direction, turning back and departându- to the south ".

Cigars in the sky

The game was suspended for the audience saw something in the sky, wrote the referee in the match report. The lot was and Gigi Boni, a lifetime supporter of Fiorentina. "I remember seeing this incredible view," he says. His description that speaks more objects, differs slightly from that of Magnin. "They were moving very quickly, then stopped. It took a few minutes. I would describe them as resembling some Cuban cigars. I remember Cuban cigars through the look ". Over the years, Boni mind often relived that day. "I think they were alien. That's what I think and there is no another explanation that I can give. "

Another player, Romolo Tuci, still lively in spite of well over 70 years, and it was agreed: "In those years everyone was talking about aliens, everyone was talking about UFOs, and we even have had such an experience , I saw, I saw them directly for real ".

The incident at the stadium can not be simply interpreted as mass hysteria. In addition, many were seen UFOs and in several other cities in Tuscany, on that day, like those that followed. According to eyewitnesses, he was seen in the sky and a ray of white light coming from Prato, north of Florence.

Newspaper offices were flooded with phone calls. An engineering student, Alfredo Iacopozzi, said he noticed, together with others, several pairs of objects flying. The first two were like seagulls in flight. Soon came the second pair: "Every like a drop of water that is about to fall." The third pair, all observed with binoculars, resembled "Chinese hats". When passing over the city, the objects slowed, then spurting east, disappearing in seconds. At last, after some "brownie" began something like a snowfall of rare and thin wires that resemble cotton candy.

What most impressed the Florentines, after flying over mysterious objects were these whitish flakes, similar to cotton, which fell from the sky, covering homes, lawns, and fields. A mysterious substance is volatilized quickly and in contact with hands even faster.

Roberto Pinotti, president of the Centro Nazionale Ufologico (CUN) from Italy, says: "At that time the newspapers spoke of visitors come from Mars. Of course, we now know that is not so, but we can conclude that it was a smart phenomenon, a technological phenomenon and a phenomenon that can not be linked to anything we know on Earth ... It is a fact that, while observing OZN- sites in Florence fell from the sky a strange substance adhesive. The UFO enthusiasts call this substance "angel hair". It's a phenomenon that has been observed in several other similar occasions ... The only problem is that after a short period of time, substance decays ".

Pinotti himself witnessed the strange appearance as a 10-year-old boy: "I remember that I saw, in broad daylight, rooftops of Florence covered by this white substance for one hour, after which, like snow, it evaporated ... Nobody knows what the link is between this substance and strange UFO ".

Described in various ways by witnesses as being similar to cotton or cobwebs, the substance was difficult to collect because they disintegrate on contact;  but some people were determined to find out what it was. One of them was Giorgio Batini, a journalist for the newspaper Florentine countryside. In 2003, at age 81, he said at an Italian television program, "Voyager", as that day received hundreds of calls about observing appearance. From the newspaper offices, located in downtown, to the sky Cathedral was blocked, so Giorgio said he went up to the highest point of the building it was in, to see what everyone is talking about. Remembered that he saw some "glowing balls" which moved rapidly toward the dome of the cathedral.

Gone to investigate the phenomenon, outside the city, Batini gave a forest of trees covered by these threads. He collected several samples by letting them a match, then he went to the Institute of Chemical Analysis at the University of Florence. When he got there he found that many had done the same as him.

Strange substances

Laboratory, led by respected scientist Professor Giovanni Canner, the subject material spectrographic analysis and determined that it contained elements: boron, silicon, calcium and magnesium, aluminum, iron etc. And that was not radioactive. A "purely hypothetical line" advanced teacher was like substance as "borosilicate glass".

Could substance come from a UFO? "It's an absolutely stupid idea. Science totally rejects this idea, "said former US Air Force pilot turned astronomer James McGaha. "All the UFO phenomenon is nothing but myth, magic, and superstition, wrapped in the idea that some unearthly come to us or save us or destroy us," he says. According to McGaha, the show, plus "angel hair" and all others were nothing but "spiders young migrants who have woven webs very, very thin ... They use these as thin canvas sails and bind together, forming a large globe, with spiders moving from one place to another. They fly just taken the wind, their presence being recorded even at 14,000 feet (4,200 meters nn) above the ground. When sunlight shines, falls on the ball, causing all sorts of visual effects ... As part of this material breaks and falls to the ground, the phenomenon certainly seems magical, "said McGaha. "But I'm pretty sure that happened that day." The theory is supported by the fact that September and October are the months when the Northern Hemisphere, spiders migrate and these migrations are sometimes spectacular.

"Of course I know about spiders migration hypothesis" - says Pinotti - hypothesis "is pure nonsense. It's an old story and at the same time, a silly story. "Pinotti challenge the theory of spiders, among others, due to chemical analysis of samples of "angel hair". Spider thread is a protein - an organic compound containing nitrogen, calcium, hydrogen, and oxygen - so other elements than those found in samples that Batini and others have brought to the university.

Science writer Philip Ball wrote: "I would not trust the reports of a strange old event like this, outside of the case as it would be seen with my own eyes." But he agrees that the elements are said to have been highlighted as "angel hair" theory does not appear to correspond with spiders. "Magnesium and calcium are fairly common elements in living organisms; Instead, boron and silicon much less. If these were the main elements contained in white fluff, no substance think came from spiders "says Ball.

In the 1950s Fiorentina was one of the best teams on the planet. The following season they easily won their first ever league title, finishing 12 points clear of AC Milan. So, if a visitor from a galaxy wanted to enjoy a game, Florence was a very intelligent choice.

But, football loving aliens? The truth remains a mystery….

photo credit: google.com
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