Since the attacks of September 11 until landing of the Apollo space program , or the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy , all the important events of the alternative scenarios were born skeptics , often fanciful. Some conspiracy theory , however , proved to be true .
U.S. Treasury Department has poisoned alcohol during Prohibition
Prohibition was a national ban on the manufacture, market , import or transport alcoholic beverages imposed in the United States in the early '20s. The move came amid a movement against alcohol , mainly supported by Protestants in rural areas. Volstead Act and the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution put in place national prohibition , which lasted until 1933 . Despite tough laws and measures taken by the U.S. authorities , prohibition has failed to eliminate alcohol in the 13 years it was in force, moreover, led to the emergence of organized crime networks and the development of existing , such as the Mafia.

To cope with the huge demand , not only produces alcohol smugglers , and stole large quantities of industrial alcohol , according to Business Insider. Chemists pay smugglers then made sure that harmful elements ,
especially methanol were removed, and could move on to making products so popular . The U.S. government learned of this practice and started to add the alcohol more dangerous industrial chemicals such as kerosene , acetone or chloroform. It must ill a number of consumers and to discourage others. It is estimated that only in New York, between 1926 and 1927, killed more than a thousand people , poisoned by substances added by the authorities in industrial alcohol .
Public Health Service in the United States treated wrong, deliberately syphilis patients
In 1932 , the U.S. Public Health Service with the Tuskegee Institute , began a clinical trial to examine the natural progression of untreated syphilis in black men . Subjects were drawn under the pretext that receive free medical care from the government. Not only did the study participants were not told they are suffering from syphilis, but were not treated properly, even after the emergence and acceptance of penicillin as a remedy against infection .

The experiment brought together 600 African-American men , 399 patients and 201 healthy. Although the study was planned to last only six months , gave , after 40 years . It was discontinued in 1972, after an Associated Press article that has made public all irregularities happening in the Tuskegee experiment .
More than 100 million Americans have been vaccinated with a virus potentially carcinogenic
From 1954 to 1961 , simian virus 40, SV40 was found in the vaccine against polio . The research estimates that at least 98 million people were injected with contaminated vaccine only in the United States . The federal government amended the provisions relating to oral vaccines in 1961 , but doctors continued to administer medicines to 1963 .

SV40 virus that is known to cause cancer in animals, but there are no studies to tie the development of the disease in patients. However, some studies have revealed evidence of the virus in the brain and lung tumors composition , in both adults and children.
A part of the Gulf of Tonkin incident did not occur The Gulf of Tonkin is the term used to describe two fights between U.S. and North Vietnamese vessels , which took place on 2 and August 4, 1964 . The story led to the war in Vietnam , and U.S. authorities have been accused on numerous occasions , they have made incident to justify intervention in the communist state .
Officially, the American destroyer USS Maddox was involved in a fight against three Vietnamese vessels in the Gulf of Tonkin on August 2, 1964 , after which four Vietnamese soldiers were killed and their ships were seriously damaged. Two days later , the destroyer said Vietnamese attack in the same area , and President Lyndon Johnson decided to seek Congressional approval for military intervention , which led to the start of the war in Vietnam. In 2005 , however , the NSA has declassified documents relating to the event, according to which the second attack that prompted U.S. intervention has not occurred. Apparently the soldiers of the USS Maddox sang some false radar as an attack on them by the Vietnamese , who have not taken any action that night.
American leaders were planning to stage a series of terrorist attacks, to intervene in Cuba
In 1962 , shortly after Fidel Castro 's rise to power in Cuba , the U.S. Department of Defense proposed to launch Operation Northwoods . This was to use a range of measures to win the support of American and international public opinion and to justify military intervention in the communist state . According to the records , which were recently declassified , tactics that would be used include spreading rumors , destroying a U.S. ship in Guantanamo Bay and even organizing funerals for victims fictitious or hijacking of commercial aircraft or cruise ships . Fortunately , President John Fitzgerald Kennedy officials rejected the proposal .
The U.S. government has tested the effects of LSD on Canadian and American citizens without their knowledge
In the early '50s , the U.S. government authorized the CIA to begin operation MKUltra , a clinical study was to examine the effects of hypnosis , torture , isolation and LSD on human patients . Most of them did not know what it is , and doctors and hospital staff involved were paid for not properly informing subjects . The authorities have even offered heroin to addicts , to persuade them to take part in the experiment .
Until its end in 1973 , when many documents were destroyed , more than 30 universities were involved and at least one person died , committing suicide after ingesting LSD without knowing .
Americans have unearthed a Russian submarine armed with nuclear missiles aboard three

In 1974 , Richard Helms , the CIA director , President Nixon obtained approval to start a recovery operation of a sunken Russian submarine in the Pacific Ocean . Americans were interested in the three armed nuclear missiles , each one megaton each , who were on board. Although documents have been declassified , some information is missing or have been destroyed , so it is not known whether the operation succeeded or not. However, the boat that was supposed to attend surfacing submarine arrived in Hawaii for " downloading items recovered " .
The U.S. government sold weapons to Iran and used the money to support militants in Nicaragua
In 1985 , several American officials close to President Reagan , facilitated the sale of arms to Iran in violation of an embargo that was in force at that time. Profit thus obtained was then used to finance the group Contras , anti -communist rebels in Nicaragua.
The whole situation was triggered by the capture of seven American citizens in Lebanon by a hostile group with links to Iran . After negotiations involving Israel and the United States agreed to sell arms to Iran in exchange for hostages . President Reagan's involvement in the whole affair is not known.
A PR company received public support for U.S. intervention in the Gulf War
In 1990, a 15 year old girl from Kuwait , filed a testimony before the U.S. Congress , against soldiers in Iraq. Nayirah, as it was called girl said that soldiers taking babies out of incubators hospital and threw them on the floor to kill them . Girl's testimony , along with other reasons , led to the U.S. intervention in the Gulf War .
A further investigation showed that the girl kept speech to Congress was conceived by company market giant Hill & Knowlton public relations and , moreover, that " Nayirah " was the daughter of the Ambassador of Kuwait to the United States . Tom Lantos, who co - chaired the committee before which the girl testified , coordinated the whole affair . Coincidence or not , the commission ruled that rent space in the headquarters of the PR company that put everything in place .

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