James Worson was a shoemaker who lived in Leamington, Warwickshire, England. Athlete his skills were recognized and appreciated by the entire village in which he led his life. Since childhood, he participates in all competitions which were organized running in the community and has won almost everything.
Worson and two friends, Barham Wise, a linen draper, and Hamerson Burns, a photographer, were returning from a local pub after a night of drinking when Warson brazenly boasted about his skill as a long-distance runner. His friends then made up their minds to challenge Worson and decided that in order for him to prove his skill, he should run, non-stop, the 40-mile distance between Leamington and Coventry that night.
Worson, who was three-sheets to the wind, did not want to embarrass himself after such conceit, and promptly accepted the challenge. It was agreed that Wise and Burns would follow along closely behind and keep watch from their horse and cart.
On September 3, 1873, Worson accepted the challenge of running a marathon for a distance of approximately 32 kilometers between Leamington and Coventry.
A few days before the race the three began a series of preparations in that they followed the route several times, have established locations where Burns and Wise will stop and it will wait for the runner to take pictures needed to capture the most exciting moments of the route that would be covered by Worson.
It was 7 o'clock a beautiful autumn morning when used athlete has started the race accompanied by two witnesses. In witness testimony, James felt better physically and legally was optimistic about what was going to happen.
Marathon started and everything seemed to flow normally. Burns and Wise were in a cart that went behind the athlete and whenever they had the chance they stopped and took photos. After several kilometers sensational athlete happened and apparently had no problem stumbled and then collapsed while, took a terrible cry. Immediately after this cry he just disappeared as if they would have evaporated.
Wise later said that he "was the worst sound I've ever heard. Soon after our friend became transparent and then evaporated. "
Instead Bath, Worson defied the laws of physics and simply disappeared. The two of his friends came back and reported to Leamington police throughout history. An inquiry was held over several days in police together with a group of locals tried to track down the man disappeared. Were used and specially trained search dogs, but when they approach the disappearance became agitated and fled as they could.
His footprints remained imprinted on the ground, being caught on film by Wise. Photography was analyzed as an indication hoping to be discovered, but no one has ever been able to give a logical explanation for what happened that day. It was initially floated the idea that the two friends were guilty of murder, but there was no trace of blood or body of the athlete. Then you came rumors that Worson, whether he was kidnapped by unknown entities or even that, passed through a gate in time and ended up in another dimension.
This legend often stated as fact alongside other “true” stories of mysterious disappearances, is most likely derived from a short story written by American author Ambrose Bierce titled An Unfinished Race, in which it is positioned as a factual retelling of the tale. This is unlikely, as the first known materialization of the strange yarn appears in Present at a Hanging and Other Ghost Stories, written by Bierce.
While the legendary tale of James Worson may have a fairly lackluster explanation, the story itself retains a bit of its eeriness when juxtaposed against the rather strange disappearance of Ambrose Bierce himself.
In the October of 1913, At 71 years of age, Bierce left his home in Washington DC to tour the Civil War battlegrounds, eventually passing into Mexico and joining the army of Pancho Villa as an observer, witnessing the Battle of Tierra Blanca during the Mexican Revolution.
His last known correspondence with the world was in a letter written in the Mexican city of Chihuahua in December 1913, sent to friend and San Francisco journalist Blanche Partington. He closed the letter by saying, “As to me, I leave here tomorrow for an unknown destination,” and from that point, was never heard from again.
To date, no search has turned up any substantial clues about what exactly happened to Ambrose Bierce. Some say that he was executed by firing squad in the town of Coahuila, others that he committed suicide, and still, there are many who believe that he never went to Mexico at all.
Despite the arguments about the fate of Bierce, the one thing that investigators do agree on is that he left no trace. In an odd bit of foreshadowing, Ambrose Bierce had effectively vanished into thin air, much like his literary creation of James Worson.
There is, of course, the theory that between the runner and his friends have occurred during the race, a conflict which resulted in James have been killed and his body has been so well hidden that could not be found. Concerning "arranging evidence" must admit that at that time the low level of technology would have allowed many things to be counterfeit.

Hopefully, the future will give us solutions that we may elucidate this mystery. Or maybe not .......

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