The flying fire balls

We will take further some of the cases, older or newer, reported in various parts of the world. For several weeks, in the town of Ada in Oklahoma (USA) discusses not only about this phenomenon. In all regions, people come to see: some bright spheres, strange, walking above the village. Of course, that was sparked media interest. Arriving at the scene, a journalist and found a good vantage point, which offers a broad perspective on the place in question. Just be inserted. At first, the journalist did not pay much attention to the orange sphere, hovering behind a bush neighbor. It seemed to come from a nearby farm. But slowly the sphere grew, and soon began to move quickly, while changing its color. According to the journalist, it was about a meter in diameter. "Suddenly, a piece of it broke. He crossed the jumping field. It looked like a basketball phosphorescent. After a few tumbles, the lights went out." Another witness told how a similar sphere approached him one night, "between the ball and I was just a simple fence. I did not move. I felt that it was looking at me directly in the eye."
In 1977, two Canadian geologists, Professor Michael Persinger and his colleague, Gyslaine Lafrenière, analog published a study conducted on the American continent. For the two spheres bright either as UFOs were actually electromagnetic phenomena caused by movements of the earth's crust.
In the years that followed, Persinger has undertaken numerous research to develop and complete theory. In 1986 he was associated with John Derr, an eminent geologist, and seismologist US to undertake a study point to a phenomenon hitherto unexplained spent in the 70s on the Yakima Indian reservation in Washington State. Reserve rangers had seen and fotografiaseră some enormous spheres, bright orange, which planaseră over rocks and some "ping-pong" light that bounces on top of them. These extraordinary phenomena were accompanied by very unusual weather events, especially the presence of light clouds. Derr and Persinger showed that bright balls from Yakima occur most often in proximity Reserve moldings, each of which is crossed by numerous geological faults. In fact, six months after the rangers observations, seismic shaking confirmed a significant tectonic activity underground.
Ironically, the reserve of Yakima is near the Cascades Mountains, the mountain range where noted aviator Kenneth Arnold in 1947, nine bright objects flying around his plane. Let it be wrong and have considered flying saucers luminous phenomena that came from the mountains which I fly? The issue is of prime importance, and this observation remains one of the fundamental ufology testimonies.

Hessdalen, a village located in the heart of Scandinavian copper deposits, is located about 110 kilometers southeast of the city of Trondheim. In November 1981, the inhabitants of isolated farms located along the valley saw some strange lights that moved in the sky and over the mountain tops. Colored white or yellow, were either sphere-shaped or shell-shaped upside down or inverted tree shaped. Residents have also observed, violent lightning and heard the rumble important underground. In March 1982, the Norwegian Ministry of Defence sent two officers on-site aviation, to make a report. During the summer of 1983, the comments were so numerous that ufology Norwegian and Swedish have decided to join efforts and have launched a joint operation, entitled "Hessdalen program". Between January 21 and February 26, 1984, the valley was guarded day and night, using an impressive arsenal of means of measurement, including cameras. Working at the temperatures sometimes drop below minus 30 degrees, the team managed to "capture" on film and make numerous bright signs and radar records. At times, when looking at the bright spheres, some members of the team felt a strange sensation in the chest ripple. In a very intriguing case, the researchers were able to observe the trajectory of a light walk on the sky while not receiving any signal radar. Working inexplicable, because the light source continues to seem human eye. After 1984, the frequency of observations in Hessdalen region has declined much, but research continues.
For many ufologists, geological explanation bright spheres alone can not cover all observation of UFOs, especially those many, the spacecraft were seen in broad daylight.
In 1989, Mc Cartney geochemist published the results of its investigation on bright spheres seen in northeast Wales between 1904 and 1905. During this period, fireball dark red was seen in various places, especially in a field located near the chapel

Mc Cartney has found that observation sites corresponded to a fault immense
geography called "the Mochras fault." The researcher also found that when times were seen most spheres coincide with a series of seismic movements that have shaken and affected different parts of Wales between 1892 and 1906. This region is also close to the peninsula Llein, one of the areas most seismically active plan in the UK, the epicenter of an earthquake of 5.5 degrees on the Richter scale, occurred in 1984. When it was over, residents saw a white light the size of a car that climbs to the beach, coming from the sea.

Such testimonials are not a rarity. From all corners of the world can hear similar stories. Only the names are different: for some, it is like "fireballs" to others - UFOs. For forty years, researchers seek to explain these phenomena. The conclusion reached: it seems that the solution must be sought in the vast universe, but rather underneath, under our feet, in the bowels of the Earth. Bright stars would come from cracks the crust, not the cosmos.

Charles Fort (1874-1932), who became famous for his research on unexplained phenomena, was one of the first scientists observed that some strange meteors appear exactly when earthquakes occur. Then, in the 60s, some researchers were interested in the possible correlation between UFO sightings and luminous phenomena related to geological faults. John Keel was the first appearance of strange lights associated with geomagnetic disturbances of order and not extraterrestrial events. Finally, the Frenchman Fernand Lagarde launched the first quantitative study on the subject: has shown that 40% of UFOs seen at low altitude were reported in the vicinity of cracks in the crust.

One of the strangest phenomena associated with luminous spheres is the emergence of poltergeist-type activities. In 1983, a small village in Britain became the scene of strange events. For several weeks, the balls of fire were seen above the old church tower. At the same time, residents have seen all metal closures that were opened alone. Seats and vessels flying the room. These phenomena not only to the disappearance ceased fireballs.

Scientists could not explain the simultaneity of the two phenomena. After Michael Persinger Canadian geologist, poltergeist effects could be caused by increased magnetic field activity.


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