The paranormal cat - Oscar

Sheltered beside man five thousand years ago, the cat has a troubled history. In ancient times was worshiped, an animal considered sacred, magical, a messenger of the gods. In the turbulent Middle Ages, people began to fear cats, particularly of the black cat, as their devilish incarnations, devoid of wizardly tools. "Sentenced" inquisition processes were tortured with a fierce sadism, drowned and burned at the stake. In the contemporary period, they have become not only cats always present in our house, but researchers give them more attention, assigning them extrasensory qualities such as telepathy or precognition.

Never in any country in the world, the cat was worshiped as in ancient Egypt. It seems that the inhabitants of the pyramids have come to deify this animal early dynastic period of 2900 years BC, Cats saved the Egypt from starvation. Grain reserves had been severely damaged by a terrible invasion of mice and, at the command of Pharaoh, hundreds of cats were brought from throughout the region and placed as sentry against rodents. So the cat began to be loved and then considered sacred animal. Bastet, the goddess with the body of a woman and cat image was the embodiment strange dual admiration born of the Egyptians, this animal clean, affectionate, gentle night, with an incredible ability to disappear and reappear imperceptibly with mystical abilities . Peaceful troubled her personality, but also, mysterious Egyptians worshiped a respect mixed with fear.

Throughout the ages, cats have hovered over various superstitions, some auspicious, others, on the contrary, that brings misfortune. For example, according to an Irish popular belief, if you cut way a cat in the moonlight, this means imminent death. Especially the black cat is considered to bring misfortune. Less than England, where even the King Charles the Great had a black cat, which claimed that bears his luck, convinced that she is the "watchman" of his life. His conviction was so firm that the British monarch commanded the cat to be guarded day and night, lest some misfortune run or get hurt. Coincidence or not, the day after the cat died, King was arrested and on January 29, 1649, was beheaded.

Despite the cat's studies, researchers were unable yet to explain what special abilities the little feline fail to anticipate all sorts of events related to their masters.
By staggering, cats presentiment of danger, foreboding, and masters, or plan their approaching death. In 2007, David Dosa, a specialist in geriatric old age home, published an article in a newspaper, the story of Oscar, a cat that had been adopted by employees of asylum and was able to provide patient death. Cat
Rehabilitation Center in Providence, Rhode Island (USA). Why? Because Oscar the cat lives at the rehabilitation center when longer stays with a patient, it is a sure sign that the patient will die within a few hours! The cat came especially for the final moments of the life of the patient ... You may think that a cat announces its presence as one feared death, but Oscar is regarded as a comfortable companion. All day, she walks the corridors of asylum, entering the salon to salon, but remaining only with patients who are approaching the end. Doctors tried several times to chase, pulling it out, but Oscar, to the astonishment of all, does not scramble never gave, struggling to get back near dying.
story "Paranormal" Oscar appeared for the first time in 2007, this being continued to fascinate the nursing staff and

Intrigued, nurses subjected him, Oscar, finally an "experiment". "The cat was taken and placed on the bed of an old man that I thought would die soon. But soon, Oscar got up, rushed he from the salon and went straight to the bed of another patient. A few hours later, I discovered that the cat had known better than us who would die. Besides patient who had been all day he died that evening while the first lived a few days, "Dr. Dosa story. "There can be no coincidence, for Oscar accurately predicted the death of over 50 patients. The other five are still alive asylum cats, but none of them ever expressed such a skill. I can not give an explanation for this strange phenomenon! The only case that I can think of is that cat, with its highly developed olfactory sense, could perceive the smell released by the cells at the time of death. But amazing is that Oscar knows even a few hours before the man going to die. "

"The door to the patient's room is closed, so Oscar sits and waits. He has important things here, "says Dr. Dosa. "He's watching Mrs. T. She is clearly in the terminal stage of the disease and breathing hard (...) The cat sniffed the air, it concerns finally Mrs. T., jumps out of bed and leaves the room quickly. Today will not die T. (...) Mrs. K. is resting quietly in her bed, having a balanced breathing but shallow. It is surrounded by pictures of her grandchildren. Despite these souvenirs, she is single. Oscar jumps into her bed and again sniffs the air. Make a break assess the situation, and then crouches beside Mrs. K. Once he saw that Oscar is Mrs. K, the nurse called Mrs. K family to come to the center. Also called a priest for last rites. The family was around Mrs. K, and one of her relatives asked why the cat was there. I was told that the cat is there to help Mrs. K to reach heaven. Half an hour later, Mrs. K has died ".

The precision with which Oscar predicts death asylum persuaded employees to adopt a protocol unusual: as soon as it discovers setting of "standby" next to a dying family members announces its imminent end.

Dr. Joan Teno noted that the dying cat is next 2 hours before dying. He does not think the cat would have paranormal abilities, but simply there is a "biochemical explanation." Joe Nickell, a researcher in the field, gives a possible explanation: "How cells die, carbohydrates degrade more oxygenates, including various types of chemical mixtures ketones known for their fragrant aroma. It's possible to smell Oscar simply a high level of a chemical compound released before his death. Certainly animals have a more refined sense of smell, which exceeds the average man. "

Legends say that cats are the guardians of the gates of hell demons are afraid of them. Another name for them would be "glove God" because Noah himself would have thrown his gloves after rats gnawed boat and turned into cat hunting glove. But these are legends. Cats are cats and these animals have developed senses, especially the sense of danger all too.

Whatever our amazement what capacities have some amazing animals, we humans do not have, although we believe "superiors".

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