Moon is the natural satellite of the Earth and its life because as we know it is now possible. Over generations, the Moon was born different opinions and controversies. Although there were hopes that the mystery of the moon to be elucidated, 1969, at which Neil Armstrong touched feet of our satellite, and so far many conflicting theories about the moon arose.
The most important information are shocking and have long been hidden by NASA specialists subjective reasons. To better understand the mystery of the moon, we present the strangest discoveries:
1. Initially, it was thought that the moon was born from the same cloud of dust as the Earth 4.6 billion years ago. Another theory says that the moon is the "baby" of the Earth. The moment that the first stones were collected monthly, these theories have been shaken. The oldest stone dates back 5.3 billion years. This is strange because Moon was born long before our planet. Upon this discovery, Dr. Robin Brett, NASA specialist, said that "it is easier to explain absence moon than its existence."
2. Rocks collected during the Apollo 11 mission were extracted from an area called the Sea of Tranquility
suggestive. Also at that time several samples were taken from the ground. In laboratory tests, it was found that the rocks are much older than the soil from which they were taken. The difference is billions of years. This seems especially impressive given that it was shown that the stones were brought by meteorites.
3. Is Moon hollow ? It seems that yes, it says most of the scientists. During missions that targeted Earth's natural satellite, when he heard a noise modules are extended landed like a hammer hitting a bell would be empty.
4. Area of dark is another shocking mystery. When we tried to map to, not only failed to fully, but have found traces of titanium, zirconium, yttrium, beryllium. These metals require temperatures above 4500 degrees Celsius to merge and exist in the form found on the moon. We all know that such temperatures are impossible not only the Moon but on any planet in our solar system.
5. Russian space probe Zond 20 Terra brought more pure iron samples taken from the moon. Pure iron oxidized or not is a mystery never to the scientific world today. How can such material be on the moon?
6. Apollo 15 astronauts found traces of radioactivity huge moon. Nobody can explain this finding, for which he was forgotten.
7. Anomalies on the Moon have been observed since ancient times. In the past, people used to look rudimentary telescopes moon, claimed to have seen several times dense clouds. This is impossible because the atmosphere can not support clouds. Moreover, NASA missions the astronauts said reports that the flight times were found huge clouds of water vapor. The only place from which they come is inside the moon.
8. The bulk of the month is composed of a glassy glaze. This proves that the moon has been exposed to extremely high temperatures. Scientists have observed that the glaze is not born from nuclear explosions.

9. Discovered another interesting fact is that the moon has no magnetic field. Even so, the analyzed rocks are strongly magnetized and no one can explain this.

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