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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Reincarnation of ancient egyptian priestess

In 1907, when she was three years old, Dorothy Eady fell down to the stairs in Blackhead house in a suburb of London, where she lived with her Irish-born parents. Her mother lifted her up and called the doctor hurry. When he arrived, after a brief examination, he said that the girl had died. An hour later, when he returned to draw up the death certificate, Dorothy found her sitting on the bed in her room, playing.

Since then, the girl began to have more frequent dreams in which she saw a large building with columns, surrounded by a garden full of flowers and trees. Often no apparent reason, her parents found her crying. When asked why she was crying, she responded that she wanted to return home, but she did not know where she lives. One day, her mother is going to visit British Museum, along with her sister. Dorothy's mother took her with them. She has accompanied not happy, but when she entered the gallery reserved for Egyptian mummies, started running happily through the halls, embracing the statues that were displayed there. Her mother tried to reassure her and take her to the upper floors, but Dorothy refused. She went to a mummy sarcophagus placed in a glass and sat down beside her. Because the little girl did not want in any way that up, her mother and sister had left her there and went to visit other rooms. When they returned and told her that they must go home, Dorothy was hanging glass sarcophagus shouting "Leave me here! They're my parents." Terrified mother barely pulled out the girl who almost screaming.

A few months after this incident, her father bought her an encyclopedia, but she was not interested only part devoted Egypt, asking parents to read them all the passages devoted to this country. Soon, the girl learned to read alone, wanting to decipher your favorite pages. One day, her mother found her magnifying glass looking at some hieroglyphics. "Even if you learn to read, you can not understand what is written in a language you do not know." The girl, then aged six, replied: "Yes, I know, but I forgot it."

One day, while browsing a new magazine brought by her father, she remained prohibited by a photo in front of the temple of Seti I in Abydos, Egypt. She showed him the photograph shouting, "This is the house where I lived! But where did the garden?". Her father asked her then to finish with inventions, because she knew she had not been in that building never almost completely destroyed, several thousand years old, and could not have a garden in the middle of the desert, where there was only sand. Shortly after the incident, Dorothy found a photo of the mummy of Seti I, the Pharaoh of the nineteenth dynasty Egyptian, went back to her father, saying that she knew the man. Again, he was furious, threatening her that he is tired of her lies. How to know that the dead pharaoh more than three thousand years? But Dorothy did not give up.

One day, to Catholic mass, she said that Egyptian religion, is three thousand years older than the Christian religion was true. Christians copied the Egyptian beliefs. Both Osiris and Jesus raised from the dead. Isis resembled the Virgin Mary. Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus looked very good with Osiris, Isis, and Horus. As a result, Dorothy was immediately kicked out of class and then expelled from school for refusing to sing a hymn in which God was entreated to curse them "Egyptians with black skin". She threw the head teacher's score.

After celebrating 10 years, Dorothy often truant from school to go to dream in front of Egyptian. One day, What you want to learn?" he asked a gentleman old. "Hieroglyphics". "In that case, I will teach you what you want to know." This makes the providence was none other than Sir Ernest Wallis Budge Alfred, a researcher of Egyptian antiquities at the British Museum, an expert on the history, language, and religion of ancient Egypt. Under this exceptional mentor, Dorothy has learned with astonishing rapidity fundamental reading hieroglyphics, being then able to decipher certain passages in "Egyptian Book of the Dead". All life, she had a huge affection of this old Egyptologist she loved as her father.
while looking at the hieroglyphics on a relief, an elderly gentleman with white hair, which had seen before in the museum, approached her and asked her why she was not at school at that hour? The girl replied that the school did not learn about what really interested her. "

British Museum
 She was told that she had become a “consecrated virgin” of the temple of Seti I, but had broken her vows by engaging in an affair with Seti. Rather than face certain horrific death at the hands of the High Priest, she had opted to commit suicide. Dorothy would write dream journals of what the spirit told her in hieroglyphics, and by the time she was done, she had written around 70 pages of her story, all in ancient Egyptian. These visitations also led to severe bouts of sleepwalking and nightmares, which became so bad that she visited a mental hospital on several occasions for observation.

Dorothy left school at the age of 16 and toured a variety of historical sites and ruins around Britain, including places such as Stonehenge, with her father. She would later move to Plymouth and become a student at Plymouth Art School, where she began to collect a wide assortment of Egyptian antiquities in her free time and participated in several drama presentations on ancient Egypt, taking the role of the goddess Isis. She also became politically involved in working for the goal of an independent Egypt and took a job at an Egyptian public relations magazine where she wrote articles and drew political cartoons to this end. 

At 29, Dorothy married a young Egyptian, met in London, Iman Abdel Mequid and went with him to Egypt. Shortly after the wedding, the young wife began to have visions of the Pharaoh Seti I, who visited regularly. Dorothy's mother, like father-in-law, were also witnessed one of the appearances. Some nights, the young woman out of bed to write, as would be dictated messages consist of hieroglyphics. One night appeared in a dream which told her noble character called Hor-Re and wants to tell the true story of her childhood when called Bentreshyt, that "Harp happiness."

Throughout the period when she worked in Egypt (Dorothy Eady has specialized in History and collaborated on research about life in Ancient Egypt), she led a double life. During the day acts as an Englishwoman cultivated and scholars who work in the department of antiquities, and the night became Bentreshyt, an Egyptian from the nineteenth dynasty, who praying in sacred places and, according to its receiving, some nights, Pharaoh Seti I visit her.

On March 3, 1956, Dorothy, who divorced in the meantime (her husband said he was overwhelmed by her nocturnal visions), aged 52, went to the city of Seti, Abydos, which she always found her true home straight. There she took the name of Omm Seti (mother of Seti), which she wore until her death. She lived in a modest house and always claimed that it is a reincarnation of a priestess who served in the temple of Seti I. Her excavations led to the discovery, all around the palace, which had described the garden as it was then a naive child who knew nothing about Egypt. Dr. Hanny el Zein, a chemical engineer and industrialist, became the best friend of Omm Seti and wrote several books with her. The first is "Abydos, the holy city of Ancient Egypt", published in 1981, the year of her Abydos. It is a highly competent history that deserves respect".
Professor John A. Wilson, best known of American Egyptologists wrote about this work: "It's incredible precision with which Omm Seti reviewing the smallest vestiges of the old

Department of Antiquities in Cairo Officer, in charge of the restoration of the temple in Abydos, said in his turn that his Omm Seti due to him and that the most important discoveries beyond her drawer talent seemed endowed with a sixth sense. "I do not know why I think she knows this place better than anyone else in the department of antiquities, even I can say with confidence that collaboration is indispensable to any archeological missions that want to be successful in Abydos region". Seti Omm's Adventure is an amazing story, but it is perfect borrower by knowing the site of Abydos and the exceptional contribution that he has made a science.

The temple at Abydos, erected by Seti I in the 13th century B.C., was a place of constant devotion for Dorothy. She would remove her shoes before entering and once inside worship the ancient Egyptian gods in what she believed was ‘the ancient way’. It was mainly through her dreams, recorded in detail in her diaries using a form of automatic writing, that she came to believe that she was the reincarnation of a fourteen-year-old virgin priestess called Bentreshyt, who had lived at the Temple of Abydos during the reign of Seti I.

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

The same husband in a past life

In the last decade of the last century where husbands Johnson sparked a sensation in the former Soviet republic of Belarus, taking days at central headlines. The story began with Gerard Johnson, a common inhabitant of the city Philadelphia, United States. Since childhood Gerard felt a special attraction to everything that relate to "life after death". As a teenager, he has a firm belief that there is an "unexplained mechanism" by which experiences people can have effects beyond their physical disappearance. So when it came time to choose the path that will study chose without hesitation psychotherapy. The mysteries of brain function fascinated him. The day he learned that science today does not know even three percent of what it is capable human brain knew that this is the area that need to dedicate.
He loves everything paranormal means, after graduating psychotherapy hypnosis, he tried to prove that the human soul can incarnate several times and that certain memories of previous lives never erase from memory. The study results were beyond all expectations!
The first therapy session regression hypnosis performed them using as the subject of his wife, Lidya. At the
third meeting after managing to bring in a trance, she began to speak in an unknown language, recounting
what looked like a tragic event. Lydia's voice was astounding that turned into a serious, male. The woman was clearly pained but quiet. Suddenly, however, she started with the hands, head and screamed heartbreaking. Johnson was forced to pull away from trance prosper hard to comfort. Fearing that therapy does not have a negative impact on her mental state, the researcher decided to subject himself to the next experiment. So he turned to one of his professors in college who agreed to help to get hypnotic, Gerard Johnson began also to speak in an unknown tongue, but unlike Lydia, his voice was a typical female.
Both hypnosis audio were recorded on tape and subsequently submitted to several experts. Researchers have analyzed remained stunned: the couple had spoken the same language, Belarusian. Lydia gave his name as "Viktor" and told that he was "married" to a certain "Wanda" and Professor Johnson say "Wanda" woman who had a husband to "Viktor". Both were told that died the same day, March 22, 1943, burned alive.
Gerard could not understand how it was possible that the state of regression hypnosis to bring them both to him and his wife in the same place and especially on the same date. His first suspicion was that since he coordinated the meeting that his wife was exposed state of regression hypnosis, and that have all information about what his wife had relative was simply "charged" with this information which the influenced later in the meeting that he himself was subject.
He felt a terrible desire to try a new session, but the teacher assisting said that it is very dangerous for the brain to do two meetings at very short time intervals. As such it has to wait at least three months.
To find the answer to all its turmoil, Gerard Johnson has done as soon luggage, has drawn all the necessary formalities and to get on the plane and landed in the capital of Belarus, Minsk. He started to rummage through the papers and documents of the time, and not in vain. Very quickly, the American discovered that this time remained in the national history of Belarus as one terrible etched in the collective memory as the " Hatîn massacre '.
Hatîn from Belarus was a settlement with a population of 149 people. On 22 March 1943, the site was destroyed by German SS troops and collaborators from Battalion 118 Schutzmannschaft in retaliation for the help they had given to the partisans who fought against the Nazis villagers.
After the troops entered the village Hatîn, they blocked all roads. Battalion has formed in Kiev collaborationists Red Army deserters and former Soviet prisoners of war. The battalion leadership is former Soviet general staff Lieutenant Grigory Vasiura.
That morning, 6 km from the village, the partisans attacked a German military convoy and one of the officers had been killed. In retaliation for the death of Hans Woellke, former Olympic champion in Berlin (1936), it was decided Hatin killing villagers.
The entire population of the village - without exception: young and old, men, women, and children - were gathered in a barn of kolkhoz. Some children who tried to escape were shot. Some villagers were quite a few members of large families: Joseph and Anna Baranovsky with 9 children and Alexandr and Alexandra Novitki 7 children. Along with residents of Hatin have learned a villager from Iurkovici and a woman Kamenoi that were happening there.
Once the villagers gathered in the barn doors were shut. All around the building were piled straw and wood, they were sprayed with gasoline and set fire to them. The Wooden building was blazing fast. Under the pressure of those who are inside the barn doors were destroyed. Those with their clothes on fire tried to save themselves from the fire, were shot. In the building in flames destroyed the vast majority of villagers, including 75 children under 16 years. The whole place was also burned and destroyed.
Two girls, Maria Fedorovich, and Yulia Klimov managed to get out of the barn on fire and crawl to the forest, where they found the villagers in Hvorosteni Kamenskogo. Later, the village was burned by the Germans and lost track of the two girls.
Of the children who failed to get out of the barn, only two survived: Victor Jelobkovici (7 years) and Anton Baranovsky (12). Victor escaped under her dead mother's body. Anton, burned and wounded in the leg by a bullet explosive was found dead by the Germans. The two children were recovered by villagers from neighboring villages. After the war, they were brought up in an orphanage.

Among adult residents of the village, survived only blacksmith Joseph Kaminski, aged 56 years. Full of burns and wounds, he recovered from fainting late at night, after leaving the military police. The survivor was
shocked to find it right next to his son's body. They were used as a reason for the memorial monument.
In archives, blacklisting those killed, Gerard Johnson found the names of two people: Wanda and Viktor Iaskevici, 20 years young, apparently, newlyweds. They were the names that Gerard Johnson and his wife Lydia they uttered during hypnosis! American Psychiatric no longer any doubt: in the 40s of last century, he and Wanda were still husband and wife!

Gerard Johnson published his study in specialized journals both Russian and in the US, and the love story that crossed age impressed hundreds of readers. Later, American researcher revealed another thing, really amazing: his wife, Lydia, was still suffering from infancy to pyrophobia an overwhelming fear and inexplicable flames. Things become now clear, fear of fire Lydia had no reason other than that they are etched deeply in the memory of the tragic events that had occurred in a
previous life!

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Monday, December 7, 2015

Visits from the beyond

The fascination with the mysteries of this world has led to increased UFO so that the world expects the first contact with aliens recognized by the authorities. Proponents of the theory that there were ancient civilizations and they expect their return among us. We must not forget them nor those who believe that we are the fifth cycle of civilization and previous receded and live inside the Earth.

During this quest for unraveling the mysteries, there are times when characters or entities in the world of the dead make inroads into our world highlighting various emotions.

For centuries, Western culture has been conditioned by a materialist perspective that considers the universe as a giant machine composed of dead things. Recently, science has made discoveries that are revolutionizing worldview, opening new perspectives both on us as individuals and the nature of the cosmos in which we live.
"If I had another life," said Freud, "I devote a study occultism rather than psychoanalysis." Let's look
together several stories about one of the most exciting chapters of parapsychology: the world beyond appearances. They were selected and included in printed books recently signed by internationally renowned researchers and scientists.

A visitor in the kitchen

The most convincing evidence of this kind of events belongs to a doctor in psychology, Julian Burton, who conducted a scientific survey on the subject. At first, his questionnaires were sent to some American research institutes in Los Angeles extrasensory. The questions were strictly limited to the appointment of any contacts with people from the world beyond. Because the number of positive responses was huge (over 75% of all subjects) Burton suspected participants in the survey, researchers in psychology themselves, had been influenced by their interest in the world beyond. Then also sent questionnaires a row, this time, addressed to realistic profile universities. The answers again exceeded the rate of 50%, although subjects were future engineers and technicians. Encouraged by the effect his approach, English psychologist has composed more than 2,000 folders, continuing his work in California and Illinois.
Burton's interest in parapsychology appeared in dramatic circumstances linked to his mother's death in only 50 years. Very affected by its disappearance (brutally died in a car accident), six months after the death, suddenly he saw her in the kitchen of his apartment. "It was a night of September and had guests. I was cutting a pineapple in the kitchen when I heard behind me some steps. I thought it was my wife. I came back to ask where had Vessel salads, but before I stood my mother. She was visible, seemed much younger than the moment of death. He was wearing a costume blue with a fur collar, that not I had never seen her. Slowly, the figure disappeared. The next day, I called my sister to tell stories. He impressed a powerful and began to sob, wondering why there appeared to him and her. When I told she how our mother was dressed, remained simply bewildered, telling me that a week before the accident both had been shopping and mother tried costume, whom he wanted to and buy it. Unfortunately, it was firm and cost too much. "
At the time, Julian Burton was 31 years old and, although teaches psychology at a college, university returned to his doctorate on a topic extrasensory. "The emergence mother gave me the idea thesis. I have a feeling there are a lot of people who had lived similar experiences with mine. Even if the research we undertake at present I have stopped the rise in the hierarchy of teachers, I'm sure my effort will be rewarded. The two thousand cases registered with the relevant methods of inquiry, which will be added soon, a thousand, is a research-based concrete, which must be taken seriously. "
The boy sailor collar

 A paper based on the phenomenon of the apparitions of the world beyond English psychologist Andrew MacKenzie is the book entitled "Invisible and visible". Among the many stories inserted into it, and is that of a teacher from Essex, who later became the scenario of a hit television series. Ms. Judy Miles, aged 34, had participated in a baptism family party where he noticed a child of a particular beauty, which he had never seen him before. "He had blue eyes, a smiling face, wear long pants and a collared shirt style sailor. He ran among the other children, who devoured portions huge cakes, without eating anything. Do not talk to anyone and no one seemed to notice it. I overlooked, but when we got all goodbye, I noticed that the boy was gone. The next day, "recounts on Ms. Miles," I remembered him and I asked my daughter, aged 9 years if he knew who the boy that strange. No one had seen! None of the children who were running through the house resembled my description! That evening invites us to dinner my friend that I had been guests at the christening. I asked her who was the boy dressed in shirt sailor. After a moment of profound silence, she asked me, "have blue eyes and a smiling face?" I confirmed. Surprised - I was the first person who had seen what only they, the whole family had managed to see - he said that since lived in that house all the time the boy had seen. When it first appeared, heading toward the staircase climbs upstairs, thought it's a child on the street. But the front door was locked, and when he climbed after the baby was gone. Always came when she was alone in the house or when her children were playing in the rooms above. Do not say anything, but his presence was noticeable in that it could, for example, to hear footsteps in the corridor, while she was cooking in the kitchen. One day, she heard her son youngest, aged four years, speaking in his room. When lowered, he said he talked with the boy collar sailor who came to play with him.
Weather for six years, they were repeated occurrences of a dozen times until Amy and occupants on Road no. 10 have moved. During the preparation of luggage, baby blue eyes running here and there around the house, anxious. Then, while housing remained unoccupied for ten years, after which it was demolished, its place rising supermarket. "
There was never the boy who was with the angel face. The first owners, who had built the house, had no children, and the boy's clothes were far too modern to have lived here in the past century. The case illustrates how you can not better that not everyone can see the world beyond appearances, but only certain persons elected not know what criteria and especially young children.

The woman in elevator
One of the most impressive contemporary appearances is told by Dr. Elisabeth Kubler Ross, in her book "Death is a sunrise". Anesthesiologist in a hospital emergency American was the first specialist who studied the phenomena related to near-death, accompanying thousands dying in their journey to the threshold of the world. One day, when to take the elevator to the classroom of the university where he worked as a teacher invited Elisabeth Kubler-Ross noticed a woman. He stared at her and smiled. Amazingly, doctor and realized that faces one of his former patients from the emergency, who died a year ago. The appearance was airy but not transparent, not see through it. "Dr. Ross - woman addressed him with a clear voice - forgive me, but I had to come back. May I escort you home? I'll wait until you finish the seminary."
"I am a doctor with two majors," comments the story in the book, Dr. Elisabeth Ross. "Psychiatrist and anesthesiologist. I worked a long time with the schizophrenic patient and love them. When I describe hallucinations their visual, tell them," I know, just a virgin wall. But I can not see it. "Now, I say the same things to me: "Elisabeth, you know I see the dead in front of you. But it can not be true".
During the car ride back home, I wondered if what happens is possible. I repeat: "I'm too tired. I need a vacation. I have to touch this apparition to see if there really is. '"
Dr. Ross reached out to the woman to see if she will dissipate touch. He touched the skin, to see if it's hot or cold. "It was the worst experience of my life," she says. "When I arrived at my front door, opened it as if I were invited her. With an irresistible delicacy, he said to me:" Dr. Ross, had to come from the other world, for two reasons: first, to thank you for everything you have done for me before he died. But the real reason of my presence here is a plea: Do not abandon your research on death, not now. "I looked, telling me invariably it's not true. I remember the name: the woman in front of me was called Eva Schwarz, died and was buried a year ago. In addition, I did not believe in visions and apparitions from beyond the grave. "
To be convinced that dreams, Elisabeth Ross hit a few familiar objects on the desk. A touch wood table chair sitting. All concrete was present, no dreams. Guest bizarre asked her then if she knew how you can find the priest had shared before dying in the hospital room. The scientist who was Dr. Ross then had a flicker of lucidity. "The priest currently lives in Urbana. He would be happy to receive

from you a few words in writing. Take a pencil and a paper." The occurrence took utensils, noting a few letters on the sheet immaculate: Eva Schwarz. "Of course - says Elizabeth Ross - I kept that map like a treasure. I never could share anyone my experience so terrifying, but the paper's why I put it in a frame and keep it in my office."
"The case Schwarz (as it's called in the literature) is considered particularly interesting because it was reported by a doctor of international reputation and, especially, because the appearance has left physical evidence about its return to earth. An exceptional thing! "
Clearly, when people also part happenings, positivist spirits consider them "detractors" or "crazy". Because of this, most of them prefer to remain silent and speak only with people you trust, usually people who have lived the same kind of experience.
"Have you ever been in contact with a dead person?" He asked his readers, the American magazine "National Opinion Research Center" at the University of Chicago. 27% of respondents answered positively. When added to widows and answers, sample increased to 51%. Repeated recent survey found that 38% of adolescents had this kind of experience...

Tenants of the Père Lachaise cemetery

Alexandra Cazorla is a highly-medium in psychometrics. When it touches an object in contact with those to whom they belonged. She consults many people keen to discover facts were forgotten, unresolved past. One day, he visited a woman who programmed the secretary, without leaving his name. She was young but strange that Alexandra remembered that a more common insight festival held in Cannes. A then struck by her behavior bizarre and very long black hair. He came dressed in black with a long dress and lace gloves. Alexandra addressed him, telling him: "I was looking for." Since it was July and very hot woman's outfit was, at least, unusual, but more surprising was the strong smell of mothballs which they spread. At one point, someone offering a glass of water, and she refused, saying "never drink" and disappeared into the crowd after it warned that Alexandra will look. And here I am now the seat of the office: the same skirt in the ground and with the same lace gloves. "She was pale, thin, almost diaphanous, with long hair down to his waist that. I think it's flat, it has no relief. She spoke a jerky, metallic and strident voice. She complained that her mother did not want to recognize talent as a musician. She opened the purse of which drew several scores torn and yellowed. Her face does not have any expression, any little smile. I felt that living a drama. my eye was drawn to a silk shawl, he wore wrapped around his neck. "I was strangled," he said. The increasingly astonished, I asked her where she lives. "In the Pere Lachaise cemetery," he replied. "In nearby You mean! "." Oh just in the cemetery, "he insisted. Then she said a number of an alley of the cemetery. I felt that I was a chill. When the meeting was over, pulled from his bag a small coin, that I spread it. I had the feeling that the only penny he had. It was a piece of silver French, as never seen before. Perplexed, I have the courage to speak and I accompanied her to the door. He declined to go into my face. I could feel the presence back at all pleasant! When we arrived finally at the door and I opened to let her pass into the antechamber where the secretary, the woman in black was gone! I kept the currency. It's dated 1880. I keep it in a box, lock, but I never touch, lest they come back appearance. "

Dr. Moody and mirrors

Mirrors and other reflective surfaces seem to facilitate the phenomenon of the apparitions. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians used them successfully to predict the future. Drawing on "psychomanteum" of the Greeks, Dr. Raymond Moody, author of the famous bestseller "Life after Life", has developed a vision through mirrors that facilitate the meeting with members Deceased family. Among the many experiments organized by the famous professor, there are some downright drugs, lived in the community, along with students and colleagues, academics. In his books, Dr. Moody says that these meetings were lived out as real events, not as something taking imaginary. "All subjects who participated in the experiences I have confirmed that these meetings were perfectly real and that had felt the real presence of those he had left behind some deaths. Fifteen percent of the cases, subjects have even heard the voice of the dead a voice perfectly audible. In some cases, the communication took place through telepathy. Raymond Moody writes: "Twenty-five percent of those who wanted to review a deceased have not seen until after returning home. It seems that the success of the experiment will depend on the evocative power of imagination and emotion of their meeting calls for a dead lover, whose memory is celebrated constantly ".

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